Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Practice and Party

I am pretty darn excited about today's practice. After many hours of looking at houses yesterday (why look for a house you ask? Seems pretty obvious to me- we live 40 minutes away from Austin and Kelly's school my local work and most of what we do is in Austin. And we both want to live in Austin. So it is pretty simple. Prices are low. Sellers are motivated. Interest rates are way down. I can rent my San Marcos house out easily and help pay for the mortgage on a new place. And well, diversifying income streams is never a bad idea for the self-employed person. Especially when you realize that as a independent yoga teacher, not one bit of the income you make is passive. I am paid ONLY for the time I am in front of a room teaching. I am not paid for preparation, planning, follow-ups, phone calls, emails, marketing, networking, training, days spent travelling, recovering, dealing with politics in other cities as well as locally and so forth. I have no sick days, no paid vacation and no paid office hours. (I am not complaining. I love my work. There is nothing I would rather do and I personally think that this job was perfectly designed by God to give me a dynamic blend of success and ego stroking as well as challenging, ass- kicking lessons in humility. Additionally, I am not cut from the cloth of the 9-5 employee- not by any stretch. I would not trade "paid office hours" for the autonomy I have. No way. And give me "potential to earn" over and above a "guaranteed minimum salary situation" any day. I hate limitation in most forms and particularly when it has to do with money. I am just saying that collecting rent on a house that is already paid for is a pretty nice idea.)

Okay- so after looking at houses (and finding one I like but that is another story) I met up with Anne and the gang at Clear Spring Studio for their group practice. She had chosen to do a sequence from the back of Light on Yoga that was super inversion oriented (as all those sequences are) and very padmasana intensive. I had a really great practice and it was the perfect thing to do before the back bending frenzy that I have planned for us down here today. We spent a ton of time upside down and my hips got nice and open. Then Kelly and I left practice to go write up an offer on a house with our agent and after that we went to dinner with Jeff and Anne and then we came home. A full day, all in all.

So now we have a few things to get ready for the afternoon and evening. But mostly, a pretty mellow day is on the horizon. Yay. I need a pretty mellow day.

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