Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Morning

Unfortunately, I forgot that it was Daylight Saving's Time this morning. But fortunately that gives me a little time for my morning routine and to update my blog.

Our trip to California was good. Kelly and I spent a lot of time doing some counseling together which was good for us both and then we found a fantastic Italian restaurant that we went to almost every night for some fantastic meals and conversations. I also enjoyed having some time to let down a bit and to reflect on my life and what I want and need right now. I have been working a lot and been so busy that I have kind of lost contact with my inner self in a way and getting some time away without work was just what I needed. I got some much needed clarity on some issues and some acceptance for other areas that are not clear.

I have learned that I really suck at "not knowing" or "letting things grow in the dark", so to speak. Learning to trust that things will be revealed in their own time is not an easy thing for me. I am more of the personality type that would plant a seed, see it sprouting and then try to yank on it to pull it out of the ground and get it to grow faster! (I think this is a pitta thing.) I have to cultivate a kind of patience with my Inner Life and not pull on my Inner Sprouts but trust them to grow at their own rate so long as I give them sunshine and water. So, this week away did help me harvest a few things but mostly gave me a sense of spaciousness around the sprouting process that I really needed. In that way nothing changes and yet everything changes.

Kelly and I got home on Friday and settled in and now this weekend is an Immersion Weekend.

Yesterday was a great session. I taught a long asana practice that worked with the theme of stability and freedom and culminated in eka pada raja kapotasana back bends. That was fantastic. We spent a lot of time upside down and working on balancing in handstand and pinca mayurasana. We worked on sirsasana for a while also which seemed productive. After a break we spent some time in sutra study and closed with a short meditation.

I spent the evening at a YogaYoga staff gathering at YogaYoga 360- the new facility that YogaYoga has acquired. After an opening greeting and meditation, Craig Williams gave a talk and then there was general merry-making (dancing, mingling, chatting, etc.). It was a nice time and inspiring in a lot of ways.

Well, there is more to consider and write about but I am going to go practice some asana before I teach today.

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