Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Health Crisis

Okay so I woke up on Monday morning and everything seemed just fine but within an hour of waking I was doubled over in agonizing pain. I was witting and vomiting for the next three hours. Then Kelly came home, took me to the Urgent Care center where they drugged me up, took x-rays and blood tests and sent me home saying they did not know what was wrong. After that round of drugs wore off I was once again in crippling pain and so Kelly and I went to the ER around 10 at night.

More tests and treatments over the next 12 hours- blood test, urine tests, x-rays, CT scans, ultra sounds, a catheter and few bag of fluids for hydration and 3 shifts of doctors later, I was sent home with a still uncertain diagnosis. They did find evidence of a slight urinary tract infection, of a burst ovarian cyst, and some gastroenteritis but every doctor had a slightly different take on the situation.

After the ER dismissal, I was home for a few hours when we realized my bladder was still not voiding and so we went back to the hospital. They sent me home that time with a catheter and an appointment with the urologist for the next day. So I did go to the urologist today who thinks I had a cyst that burst along with gastroenteritis which led to a bladder inflammation which shut that down and created all the pain and vomiting and so forth.

So anyway- I still feel lousy but am planning to be better by the weekend for the John Friend festivities. We shall see. I figured it was a good sign tonight that I was actually hungry.


saurabh said...

Take Care and Get well soon

whatnot said...

Oh no! That's a lot to have happen at once. I hope you are feeling better soon.

maria cristina said...

Hi there. I read your blog religiously and was wondering where you were. Please take care. Even those who don't personally know you, care deeply about you and your well being. I can't wait to study with you one day.

Lisa said...

How horrible! We will be pulling for you. Love, Lisa

NeoMystic said...

I had no idea! This sucks. Every single thing that was wrong is excruciatingly painful all by itself, not to mention together. Ugh! I know you'll heal quickly. I will be there for you all weekend. Love, Liz

Leanne said...

Good grief woman! Sending lots of healing thoughts your way- I am glad you can just relax and let the kula take care of things- enjoy the energy of the gathering if you can't actually physically practice. That's what I did in Van when you came- it was humbling but good on many levels.
Big love-
Leanne :>)