Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning

Several things have happened recently that have called my attention to the "fun and danger" of a blog. I am thinking about some kind of disclaimer at the top of the page that reads-"The following are the day-to-day, moment-to-moment opinions, experiences and perspectives of Christina Sell. She is known to be quick-witted, sharp-tongued, insightful, opinionated and occasionally inspiring. She fails miserably at political correctness and try as she might she does not wait before publishing these posts to consider their implications. Read at your own risk and with a sense of humor." But it probably wouldn't help!

My teacher sometimes says the internet is the Anti-Christ. I wonder sometimes. There can be so much good and bad accomplished, it seems. But anyway...

There is lots to write about these days. In the haze of my cold- which is much better today which makes me wonder if it is actually allergies and we had some rain last night which may have washed away some pollen and I may not be better just the pollen might be temporarily cleansed- I taught the Immersion yesterday. We were very reduced in numbers but had a great practice reviewing a lot of the fundamental principles and working particularly in opening the front groins without straining the psoas. That took us to some solid work on standing up from urdhva danurasana. We spent the last part of the afternoon with Patanjali's sutras which was great. I feel like we got a pretty good sense of the first two padas in this Immersion.

I came home and Kelly had made Indian-style chick peas and greens and rice which was fantastic. We watched a few Arrested Developments- my new favorite show- and then I went to bed early.

I woke up feeling a lot better today and I can hardly believe that today completes Part Two of this cycle of Immersion. It has gone by pretty darn fast.

Since it came up in the Immersion yesterday I thought I would mention it here also. There are a few Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Opportunities with me in 2009 here in Texas.

April 1-5, 2009- (30-hour Level One Teacher Training at YogaYoga)
April 23-28, 2009 (30-hour Asana Intensive/ Teacher Development with Christina Sell and Noah Maze in San Marcos, TX)
Sep. 18-20, Oct. 16-18, Nov. 13-15, Dec. 11-13- (Teacher Training Program in Corpus Christi,TX. Must be taken together.)

All right- I am going to go practice a little asana before teaching and see if I cannot clear the rest of this sinus stuff with some inversions and chest openers. Have a great day.


Ed Meers said...

Do you use a neti pot? It might help with the pollen... Wish it was an issue here, but, alas, the Canadian winter is upon us!

Anyway, enjoyed browsing your blog. As a Yogi myself, it's always neat to see what others are doing. Glad that you read the Yoga Sutras and whatnot as Yoga has become such a physical and fashion industry in North America. My wife, daughter and I are really wanting to travel to India for a year or so - I think all North Americans should experience that kind of culture shock whether Yoga practitioners or not, just to begin our awakening....

Om shanti.

Christina Sell said...

I am totally committed to the neti pot. Makes a huge difference.

And I agree- everyone should go to India.