Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Morning

Well, neither Anne or I (or is it me or Anne... hmm... I never know and this is why I have an editor for lasting written works... anyway) decided to have children. But today is an exciting day because last night Anne got a puppy. So today, Auntie Christina and Uncle Kelly get to go meet the nephew puppy for the first time. The greyhound cousins will stay home because an 8-week old golden retriever might easily be mistaken for a bunny and that would not be a good thing for so many reasons.

We decided to combine our puppy visit with a bike ride around Town Lake and a day enjoying Austin and then with a meal with Anne and Jeff and their furry family. So after my tea settles and I finish up here I will do some asana and then we will clean up and head into town. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at McKinney Falls State Park hiking around. It was pretty fun except the water was low and the trail map sucked so we wandered around a lot more than I enjoyed. (I like to find a trail and stay on it so that I feel like I actually did something. Wandering around, well, it just aggravates me. I am sure this is not surprising to anyone. In fact I am the same way about my asana practice. I always like to have a plan. It never settles me the same way if I just "do whatever I feel like" compared to when I make a plan and then work through my sequence. It is probably some pitta thing.)

Okay, well a few promotional things while I have your attention- I know that everyone here knows that John Friend is in town this weekend but please come to his talk on Friday night at the Sri Atmananda School. There will be a kirtan with Dave Stringer also and it really will be a great night. You can sign up for this through

Also I have a few registrations for Carlos Pomeda's visit here but at this point, it is going to be a very small gathering. If you are planning to come and you have not told me, please tell me so that I can soothe my anxiety that I will not be covering his minimum fees out of my own pocket. It will be a great chance to work with him, to hang out together and to learn about the Bhagavad Gita from an expert. Really, please come. And while it is highly encouraged for people to attend the whole thing, if you need an exception made because of family, teaching, etc. just let me know.


Yoga for Inspired Living said...

I think Anne and I were right, because You and she were the subjects of the sentence, but I think it should be "neither Anne nor I" Because neither and nor always go together and either and or always go together. You would say "me and Anne" when you and she are the direct or indirect objects. For instance: Kelly took me and Anne to the store. (Direct objects) Kelly took the book to me and Anne. (indirect object) I am almost totally sure this is correct. Any insight anyone?

Not that you were really asking, but I am sort of obsessed with grammar because it reflects how we structure reality in our minds. Interesting stuff. Hannah is a grammar nerd too, but for different reasons. It is actually one of our favorite conversation topics.

Christina Sell said...

OH, this is excellent. I think was basically asking. As I have told you, I welcome your expertise and feel free to chime in at any time.

And plus, were you sore?

whatnot said...

I'm coming to Carlos! Actually saw him and Suesi in Target today. Even world-renowned philosophers need the basics I guess.

I couldn't find specifics when I was arranging childcare, so I just assumed it's 10-5 both days? yes? I plan to be there, fo sho.

Yoga for Inspired Living said...

Yes, I was really sore. I am recovering now, though because I taught all weekend and didn't practice.