Sunday, October 26, 2008


I realized I have been so busy I have not really checked in here. The weekend has been pretty full of the Southwest Yoga Conference. I taught there Friday afternoon which was a really lovely class. Most of the people attending my session had already done 4 hours of vinyasa yoga and so they were pretty wiped out by the time I got them. I kept it more mellow and instructional and it went quite well. It was really a respectful, easy-to-teach group. I was very pleased.

I came into town yesterday for Johnny's class which was fun. Also got a chance to sit in on some other sessions, hang out for a while with my friend Craig, and we had lunch with Laura and Raghurai which was fantastic. I ran into Michelle Acebo in her full Jivamukti regalia-- she was assisting David Life and Sharon Gannon and she was glowing. All in all, it was a really fun, mellow scene. And I got some cute clothes, which, as we know, is definitely a fun thing for Christina!

We had a scheduling confusion regarding my sessions today. I made plane reservation based on my contract which said I would be teaching at 10:30 in the morning. Then I looked online at the marketing info and it said I was teaching 2:30-4:30. And bummer because my tickets are 3:30. Anyway, it cost $1000 to change it so they are cancelling my class and reassigning my people. I was disappointed as it was a really fun thing to part of and I was really looking forward to teaching there.

Kelly and I are off to San Fransisco this week. We have some plans for some personal time together which we really need. I may or may not write much this week. It all just kind of depends how the week shapes up. Anne is teaching all my YY classes but the flow class on Thursday so check the YY schedule for that sub. And Hannah is filling in for me at 7th Street. Make sure to check that out because she will be back form Teacher Training with John and will probably be very inspired.

Okay then... Have a great day.

More soon.

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