Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Morning

Okay, I am tired of feeling sick. Plain tired of it. After my whole ovarian fiasco, my digestion was still off and now I have a cold (or perhpas it is an allergy thing. I am not sure.)and I am in the menstrual hut. When this little phase passes and I feel great again, you better believe I will appreciate it. Nothing like an exercises in contrast.

Yesterday was a pretty fun day. I went to a Nia class, then had lunch at a Cuban place on South Congress with Kelly (not a lot for vegetarian types there but we had a great veggie sandwich and they make their own fries and I had a few bites of Kelly's tres leches cake which was out of this world.) Then I hung out with Anne and Milo a little, went to therapy and then taught yoga. Classes were pretty fun last night (making me oh-so-bummed to be giving up the Thursday afternoon slot, which has become kind of like an institution in some ways. But I am gone 13 of 16 Thursdays on the next schedule so that just makes no sense. Plus I travel out most Friday mornings and so being home Thursday night is smarter for me.)

We worked with backbends in the 4:30 advanced class, more on backbending poses like ardha chandra chapasana and so forth and culminated in some work in kapotasana. The 6:00 Flow class (where I put on both music and my alter ego teaching self and pretend to be less picky, demanding and critical-) went well also. We did a really strong standing pose sequence that people seemed to enjoy. I know I would have liked it if I walked into that flow class. But well, that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Anyway, it was fun.

Not a lot of double dippers anymore on Thursdays. I think flow after advanced is more than many can face. Susan however stayed for both classes and so did one other person but I cannot remember her name right now.

Kelly and I came home after classes and had a date night at home. We made a yummy meal and had a good bottle of wine and stayed up too late for two people with colds but it was a really good thing in other ways. Today is sort of a day off. I will prep for my Immersion this weekend and try to actually get some order in my office. Also I have a certification video to watch and Arrested Development came yesterday from netflix. (I love that show.)

OH- I do need your help. My friend James just had hip surgery and he wrote me asking for recommendations for movies that are uplifting and inspiring. I thought I could put the question out here and solicit some help from the you all.


Align with Nature said...

Amen on the tired of being sick front. Really how many times can you use your neti pot in one day? Love.

Svetha said...

Oh yummy, you went to Habana (or is it Havana) on Congress. Love that place. Miss their mojitos and tres leches cake. I do think it's veggie friendly though. They have a great veggie platter that makes two meals- it's so much food!

For movies, I would recommend "What the Bleep Do We Know." It's a thought-provoking documentary. It's a great movie to chew on while you're laying around for a while.

For something uplifiting- "Remember the Titans" and "Life is Beautiful," "The Lion King." Hehe.

mandy eubanks said...

James from Tuscon?

Christina Sell said...

yup, James from Tucson.