Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Evening

I slept in and then did a long session of my morning practices this morning and then finished up a lot of marketing materials for Corpus Christi this morning. All of which was great, but did not allow time for me to write on my blog about our fun Tuesday night classes. We had a great turn out for the hatha class at 4:30. I think I counted over 35 people there. I worked with the theme of "casting your vote for peace inside the nation that is your own being."

Being that it was election day and all, I went with the vote theme. But I was also inspired by something Johnny Kest said in his class at the Southwest Yoga Conference. He said, our choices, every day, are our votes. We can, when shopping for food, for instance, vote for slaughterhouses or vote for gardens, vote for slave labor or ethical standards of employment. And so forth. But it got me thinking that every time we practice yoga we can make a vote for the change we want to see in the small nation that is our very being. We can choose how we want the world inside us to be. We can work for non violence, for deep, soulful communication, for levity, for transformation, for peace. We really can.

And we can join together with our fellow practitioners as a federation of nations united in the process and practice of yoga to support change and harmony among us. SO that is a vision of yoga. And the cool thing is we do not need every aspect of us to agree with the yogic vision. We need a majority vote. That is all. And yoga can help us with that. Time and time again we can assert our vision and cultivate the change we wish to be and we can tip the scales of justice within us. How cool is that?

Like I said, this morning I worked in business stuff, did a practice and then ate lunch and went into Austin. I hung out with Anne for a while, taught at 7th Street and then spent some time with Jeff and Anne at their place. It was a nice evening. It really was. The class tonight at 7th Street Yoga had a lot of new people in the room and we did some challenging stuff but I was happy with where we got to. There were a few "hiccups" of people not realizing my protocols for "no really, come and watch the demo" and so forth but nothing to absurd or unmanageable. Plus I think think some of the therapy I did in California has helped me feel less reactive. So that is always a good thing when you are me.

Anyway, tomorrow I spend the day in town. Acupuncture, mani/pedis and some sisterly bonding. Can't wait. Anyway, there is, of course, more that could be said, but that is the update for this evening. Tomorrow comes early so I am headed to bed.


Anne-Marie Bowery said...

One thing Craig said in his talk at YY last week and at 360 I think, is even the smallest effort on the yoga path has enormous results.

Sometimes I think my choice to do this or that thing seems so insignificant that I almost decide not to do it.

but not so. every vote counts.

Leanne said...

so totally agree...

Leanne said...

btw..what is Carlos teaching when he comes? I am seriously going to try to make it down there...think someone in the kula would put me up for the night?
Leanne :>)

Christina Sell said...

The Gita and of course you would have a place to stay!!!