Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning

Family Legend- Once upon a time in the wilds of The Bronx, New York lived a small family of three. MFF, ACF and their daughter AMF, who later become known as AMB, and sometimes as Anzy to those who know her well. The family, while very happy, all acknowledged a certain emptiness knowing that they, while a great family unit were still missing a certain spicy element to the family system. (I was not born yet, in other words! Okay kidding. This story is not about me. Joke.)

So-MFF was a biochemist involved in very important experiments and research, many of which involved poisoning rats and learning how toxic gases affected them. During one particularly grueling night of research, one of his rat subjects bit MFF. (Kind of an instant karma sort of thing, perhaps.) Anyway, MFF was struck down with rat bite fever and was very sick for a long time. Toward the end of his convalescence the very young and precocious AMF asked her father, "Are you most all well yet?"

Anyway- I am most all well. Still little lingering syptoms of a cold/allergy but WOW, I actually feel like my body is a good place to be again. Yippee. Out of the hut, out of cold/allergy hell and I even have a day of nothing scheduled but a visit to go deal with some passort fiasco I am in the middle of and if I do not get resolved will not be able to go to Winnipeg on Friday. I am sure it will get worked out.

The Immersion went well yesterday. Craig Williams came and gave a talk on The lower Tattvas. It is so great to have him introduce them that way because in the next segment we work with them further and talk about the additional 11 tattvas that the tradition of Kashmir Shaivsim added to what the Samkya philosophers had already delineated. I was happy, after teaching most of the weekend in my sub-par state, for him to talk for the last two hours, rather than me. It was informative, thought-provoking and entertaining as usual. (A Shameless Plug for February in Corpus, me and Craig are doing a full weekend of philosophy and asana together called Living the Yoga Tradition. We will cover basics from the Upanishads, the Gita, the Sutras and Vedanta with asana and pranayama practice in each session,. It is part of the Immersion that I am doing there but that weekend is open to the public, as are all morning asana classes of each Immersion weekend, BTW. If you want info, drop me a line and I will send you the information.It will a be a great way to review and or learn the basics of each of those systems with the asana to help embody the teachings. Very fun stuff.)

I came home,we ate vegan tamales and guacamole, watched Arrested Development and then went to bed. Okay, off to the Post Office.

Oh- we have an advanced group practice scheduled for Wednesday at 1:30 at South Studio. Bring an Attitude of Gratitude and come ready to rock it out. Friday I go to Winnipeg, then straight to Tucson and then home on Dec.4. Still not sure whether or not the workshop with Carlos is a go. If you want to come and haven't told me yet, please let me know soon. I will make decision before Thanksgiving.

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