Saturday, November 15, 2008

on the road to recovery

I am definitely feeling better. Yesterday, Kelly and I drove a bunch of boxes up to the One World Theatre so that the Anusara Yoga Shri-Tail Boutique could be in full swing at this weekend's workshop. Tiffany, the retail manager was there and so was Deborah and Jesse, who is really the greatest organizer and workshop host ever. I think I did my job as a host very well by finding someone who was much better at the task than me and appointing him to the job! That someone is Jesse. Of course, there are scores of other people helping out known as Jesse's Girls. And really, Thank God everyone was in place and so competent, as I was still quite nauseated yesterday.
Given my state of "I might puke at any minute" we went back home after unloading the boxes, Kelly did some acupuncture on me and I watched some Desperate Housewives episodes while he studied. By dinnertime I was actually pretty hungry and so I ate a small amount and that actually settled with no problems. First thing in 5 days that has actually seemed to digest so I take that as a very positive sign.
The workshop began this morning and while I am signed up for the morning class I did not go. I figured getting up really early to try to be there for the first session just might not be the wisest thing for me. So I slept in, am catching up on email and my blog, etc. and trying to determine if this tension in my chest and throat is a cold, leftover from the week of vomiting and so forth or if I am just tired or what. Kelly has a pretty bad cold-- caused by no sleep, life in a hospital and the stress of caring for me this last week, I would assume-- so it could be the same thing that is threatening to move into my system. I am employing my arsenal of natural remedies to the symptoms. We shall see. Depending on how the next few hours go I may make my way to the workshop venue for the afternoon session.
Laura Forsyth sent me these pictures from last nights kirtan with Dave Stringer. John gave a talk and then there was a kirtan which I heard was pretty fun. I was not there but how cool is that I can still post a few pictures for everyone to enjoy? (Thanks, Laura!)
As I have been writing this I have been reflecting on how my friend Pamela has a personal blog policy of not sharing the mundane details of her life on her blog but of actually writing useful things to help make people's lives better and to stimulate deeper inquiry into life and its challenges. Me, I just told everyone about the state of my digestive tract but well, that is the beauty of a blog, isn't it? It really can be anything. I assume that I will have some other things to report on once this little health crisis passes but well, I have pretty much been in a self-centered world of me and my health so it is what I have to write about!


Stephanie R.Y.T. said...

I think it's sharing the personal things that do make people's lives better, and it sure takes a load off when you're given a moment to be "normal" and un-philosophical. I hope you get to enjoy this weekend, and I look forward to hearing about it at the next Immersion class.

Align with Nature said...

It is the personal one that makes your blog come to life. Love it. Love you. Glad you are starting to feel a bit better.

Pamela said...

Okay, NOW I feel like some "EVIL Judge of Bloggers!" I'm kinda nervous ... people are gonna yank my sticky mat out from under me for sounding like I meant YOU. You KNOW I'M interested in ALL the details of YOUR life!

Regarding your post though on defining who you are ... COINCIDENTALLY, I just posted some more great Dyer stuff: WHO AM I?

I've told you this before (and I'll say it again) we have a joint project in our future, my dear.

Love you, Love your hair, love the details of your life,