Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wednesday Morning

So- on the YYTT07 chat group someon posted a link that you all might find interesting. Check it out- The idea is that you join, make a commitment to practicing 10 minutes a day and log your practice on the site. Really, ten minutes a day- think about it- 10minutes of savasana would even "count"...

All right then. I am up, finished with my morning rituals, drinking my morning "nectar" (tea/milk/honey/chyawanprash- ayurvedic formula of goodness- YUM.). You know for years I was a black-coffee-in-the-morning person but once we sold the coffee shop I pretty much stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea. Then a year after that I started following some Ayurveda protocols, which included some whole milk and such (for me to cultivate kapha) and I must say it is just a wonderful thing to begin the day with a cup of hot, sweet and creamy tea. What pleasure. So luscious. So nurturing.

I can hear my Dad groaning even as I write. You see, when we were younger he told us we could have coffee but we had to drink it black. This is a whole blog entry in and of itself- vices were allowed but no "spoonful of sugar" to take the edge off. You had to face the vice square on, so to speak. For instance- you can have whiskey with ice or a little water but no sweet and sour mix. You can have a martini, but it must be dry and is "best" with a really harsh gin like Beefeater- none of the mellower, new-school gins that have come along are as "good.". White wine must be dry, very oaky, not sweet. Not ever. Absolutely nothing pink or fruity like a cosmopolitan is allowed and certainly anything that would be decorated with an umbrella or a pineapple slice is an example of one's weak moral character. The"list" goes on but you get the attitude, right? (I am kidding. Sort of. Love you, Dad.)

Like I said, its another blog entry all together because a lot of good came from that approach. I actually love black coffee and if I want to drink, I can do it without requiring all kinds of froo-froo chick drinks to get the job done. But I digress. Or is this a digression? Maybe this is as good as it is going to ge here on the blog this morning. Anyway, I am wondering if Kelly is going to get up any time soon or if I have enough time to get going on some writing. I hear him milling about even as we speak, so onward I must march.

Follow this link to Mike's pictures of Eye of the Tiger-

Enjoy your day.


ari said...

hello, my name is ari, and i am a social networking addict:

Em sent me an invite last night and I couldn't help myself. Of course, social networks built on Ning are a hot topic at my work right now, so I can always claim my membership is for research purposes. yeah, that's the ticket.

Christina Sell said...

You crack me up. And your addiction is swiftly becoming my addiction. Aren't you the one who told me about Blogger?

ari said...

yes, i remember scrawling the url onto a slip of paper for you right before you left for india last summer. who'da thunk you'd end up being one of the most prolific bloggers on my feed? awesome.

The Frosolono Patriarch said...

Like I said on the telephone earlier today: Some lessons learned, some lessons unlearned, some lessons ignored, and some lessons to be relearned.

With respect to coffee, some additives are acceptable: Black Jack, brandy throughout the year; Irish whiskey and hearvey cream only at Christmas to make Irish coffee.

You're correct about vices in that we shouldn't try to cover them up with various disguises designed to mask the taste, appearnace, etc.

We've arrived safely in San Diego without any major travel hell, although our dinner tonight was not spectacular. On the other hand, lunch today at Harpoon Harry's about half-way between Pasadena and San Diego on the costal highway (CA 1) was outstanding.

By the way, dinner tonight was rendered tolerably with a Beefeater dry and up Martini.

Love and blessings to all.

The Frosolono Patriarch (Christina and Anne-Marie's father, a thoroughly biased individual.)

Christina Sell said...

See, I am not making this stuff up!!