Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Night

First off- the double dippers: ANNE, ARI, KELLY, KATHERINE, and SUSAN! Yahoo. Although yes, Svetha had a good excuse, as she had parent teacher conferences. And Lisa and Pamela had a great excuse given that they are studying anatomy at the local community college to augment their Immersion Studies... And in the case of this evening's classes, either class was plenty challenging to stand alone as a great, strong practice. Truly.

We worked on back bends in the 4:30 class and on using the downward flow of energy, like water or rain flows down into the soil to nourish the foundation so that the flower above could blossom. Like that. So we had a lot of fun. Kelly kicked to handstand for the first time unassisted. (Well, to be accurate for the first time unassisted since his original attempt to do this pose when he put a hole in the dry wall.) We even got out the chairs and did some dwi pada viparita dandasana variations with the chairs since we were a smaller group than usual. I really love teaching all sizes of classes because you can do different things with a small group than with a large group and vice versa.

The 6:00 class was another crowded night in the Kundalini Room which was pretty darn fun. We worked with the Ocean of the Heart and in joining the individual waves (or body parts or people) into one ocean or whole. So that was fun. We worked with Vira 1, Anjaneyasana, maricyasana 3 and parivritta parsvakonasana. Shayne came back for another class, which was exciting. Last week was his first yoga class ever. I always like it when beginners return. (Well, truth be told I like it when anyone returns. Might as well be honest here!) Also lots of couples came together tonight- Alice brought her husband and Carol came with Kerry. Terry returned to yoga after having two broken ankles (falling off a roof, not yoga) and he brought his wife, Cheryl so I got to meet her, which was nice. I also got to see Jeri, who has been buried at work these days.

So, all in all, a great day at work. After class we hung out and talked and then Anne and Kelly and I went to CM for food and to get some grocery items we needed. I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow to catch up on some things and then it is the workshop with George Purvis (don't miss it- I will be in Iyengar Yoga uniform--blooomers and all) and the the EYE OF THE TIGER (where I will wear somthing much cuter) on Sunday. Yahoo. It is my Dad's 70th birthday on Sunday so we will have to do some things in multiples of 7. Something like that.

All right then- time for bath and bed.


Pamela said...

6:00 p.m. was a great class; the energy felt really good. It totally KILLS me to miss your 4:30. (By the way, thanks for the public mention that I AM MIA. Nice to be "missed"!) I'm not sure how I'm going to get through a whole semester without that class as I so love the energy of the group & miss being a part of it. It's been such a long time since I've worked handstands in a class -- hey, let's try THAT in the Kundalini room with 30 people!

After practicing for the last few months primarily in the "advanced" class, the return to your "regular" class -- is there such a thing with you -- has been a great opportunity for me to WORK THE BASICS and to pay closer attention to the details that I sometimes lose sight of (or get sloppy with) when I am working with more difficult asanas. Yet another case for double-dipping! :)

Go KELLY! As I told him after class, I really enjoy his "stage" work! Seriously. I think it adds a lot to the class. His size (and technique) makes it easy to see the effects of the actions you're teaching. And then -- and I don't mean to sound goofy here, but it's true -- you just look so happy & proud when you're watching him. Finally, let's just pay homage to the added fact bonus that he is not as likely to sue you for smashing his nose as say another student might be!

Can't wait for Sunday ... I have a good feeling about it!


austinlisam said...

I'm with you, Pam, I'm missing the 4:30 advanced terribly. But I think that getting some anatomy under my belt is going to make everything else run more smoothly! The hatha class is awesome. What a skill to help beginning students advance in these challenging poses and feel safe doing so. It's a testament to our teacher and to the method. :-) I will miss y'all terribly on Sunday. Have a wonderful time! Happy birthday, Mr. Frosolono! Love to you all.