Monday, January 21, 2008


I had such a nice weekend up in Bozeman. It is so beautiful there and I love going there to teach. One thing that was really fun was seeing Jenny Lepaige who was a student of mine in Prescott in 1999-2001 when she was a student at Prescott College. She lives in Bozeman now and she came to the workshop so that was a fun connection. It was super cold there- like below zero cold. Brrr.

I got home from Bozeman this afternoon in time to get home and teach my classes at San Marcos School of Yoga. We are working on sutra 3 this week. "When yoga happens, the seer dwells in the spledor of its true nature." The 5:30 class worked on Inner and Outer Spiral to open the hips and learned eka hasta bhujasana. The 7:00 class worked on Inner and Outer Spriral, refined parsvakonasana and worked on halasana. Both classes were really well attended and lot of improvement happened throughout the classes.

I had lots of insights and revelations this weekend but I am much too tired to articulate them now. It was one of those weekends I feel like I probably learned more than I taught! What a great deal this job is.

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