Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good Morning!

Okay- morning rituals and tea finished, I am getting ready to go walk the dogs.

We had a very lovely pracitce yesterday. Even the greyhounds enjoyed it! (They were there, curled up on their big dog beds for the most part, with an occasional round of visiting folks for petting and love.) I think Pam got some pics so hopefully she will post them or forward them to me so I can post them.

We have another practice scheduled for this coming Firday. 11-1:30. Backbending. If you want to come, let me know. I am not free for anything like this again until February so this is it for a while.

And a reminder Eye of the Tiger January 27th in honor of my Father's 70th birthday. I am not free for something like this again until June 7th unless something is cancelled so come if you can! Practice from 12-5 and then potluck.

So after our practice, I ate a bowl of soup and Kelly and I went to Austin for a two-step lesson. It is always enlightening to be a raw beginner at something. I find that as a teacher re-visiting that vulnerability is always useful. (More on this another time.) But basically, this is my nice way of saying that Kelly and I flailed a bit, learned a lot and so far, have managed not to plan a divorce. But we are only one lesson in. We are working on the basic step- quick, quick, slow, slow. Now I am a smart woman and Kelly is a smart guy. You would think that we would know the difference between quick and slow, right? Well, somehow that little distinction is a bit difficult to keep alive while moving across a dance floor. Yes, we suck. But we are going to practice and get better. There is that word again- practice. There's just no escaping it, is there?


Anne-Marie Bowery said...

will be at EOT. but not practice next week due to meetings at baylor. (sigh).

love, anzy

Christina Sell said...

Well, one must work occasionally after all...:) BTW, You were already on my list for EOT. Life as an extended yoga workshop and all...