Saturday, January 12, 2008

Immersion- The Next Stage

So I think about 33 of us are moving forward into the second 36-our part of the 108-hour shebang. We had the first day today which consisted of review (And my very snazzy -I thought- power point presentation) and then a good strong practice (With a little teacher training thrown in) and then a fascinating video guru session with Carlos on the sutras and a review on the arm spirals which went really well, I thought. (Even though Lisa cringed when she asked the question, she couldn't not ask (which is a good thing because she really wants to know)and I had actually been thinking about how best to present that info over the week as I was preparing for the weekend and it really went pretty well. ) So well, in fact, that I thinkin for the next Immersion I will start with today's presentation on the arms and see if that goes better.

That is what i love about teaching. (one of the things.) It is never boring because I am always learning and always thinking about how I can do things better. Like today, we had our theme as studentship- one of my favorite themes. And as teachers we are definitely students of the class and students of our students in so many ways. That is a cool thing.

Well, I am a bit brain dead and need to turn off for a while. Can't wait for more of the same tomorrow.



Anne-Marie Bowery said...

Power Point was indeed snazzy.

the other point I liked in the Carlos video was about the intertwining of practice and detachment.

ari said...

now I'm all sad that I missed the power point presentation. boo.