Friday, January 18, 2008

Off to Bozeman

Okay- so it is bright an early-- well not so bright right now, actually- and I am headed to Bozeman, Montana to teach for the weekend. I get back around 2pm Monday in time to teach my Monday night classes down here at The San Marcos School of Yoga.

I had a good time in classes last night. The advanced class was almost all familiar faces except about 3 people that I did not know, so it was one of those "preaching to the choir" kind of experiences. We worked on hips, standing poses and a few arm balances. Lots of people made some breakthroughs in bakasana, actually experiencing lightness from activating muscle energy. Oh and I have been calling bakasana "crow pose" for years but I stand corrected- crane pose. Even BKS calls it crane. I finally looked.

We packed the kundalini room with 31 folks last night for a strong hatha class working on standing poses and muscle energy. The highlight of that was watching Kelly do his asana up on the stage and when he demoed the poses he was so perfect in his form it was like this major transmission of "here is what happens when you use the principles"! I was so proud of him. Also we had Shayne there for his first yoga class ever and Deborah who has recently joined the fold from the LA Anusara Yoga gang.

One of the great things if you practice Anusara Yoga is that when you move to another area with Anusara Yoga, you get instant friends. Hopefully that is how it works at any rate. It was how it worked for me here with all of the fine Austin folks welcoming me into the scene.

Susan, Kelly, Victoria and Anne double dipped. Seems like someone else did too but it is escaping me right now... Apologies, I usually write it down. Last night I was just a bit focused on making room for everybody.

Well, time to go. See ya on Monday. Love.


Jeremiah Wallace said...
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Jeremiah Wallace said...

AHA! I was right about Cranw! Oooo, I feel so validated. Haha.

whatnot said...

I was another double-dipper! =)

Christina Sell said...

Yes, add Ari to the double dippers.

And to you Jeremiah, I was totally thinking about you when I announced the whole bakasana thing and my ignorance of all these years and of late reagarding the "Right Name". So, you should defintely feel righteously vindicated!

However, the point remains, straight arms! :)