Thursday, January 31, 2008

A fun night

So we had 4:30 advanced class in honor of Rusty, even though he was not in attendance. I told my story about Rusty's request for Maricyasana D. A few weeks ago he requested the pose and then I ignored it, kind of brushing him off since the pose is so hard. And then on Tuesday after our back bending fun he said, "So next week, we will do Maricyasana D, right?" And we had a talk about it and he explained to me that in the way Ashtanga is traditionally practiced, you cannot go further into the sequence if you cannot do that bind, etc. So, then, well you know the rest of the story, I decided to get interested in the pose.

So I am focusing my forward bending practices on the sequence in LOY that preceeds Maricyasana IV's (in Iyengar Yoga Land it is called Maricyasana IV in Ashtanga Vinyasa Land it is Maricyasana D and I cannot for the life of me remember what John calls it.) appearance and the sequence where it first appears. Today's class was based on the sequence preceeding it, although we did acutally practice the pose. I think highlights of the class were really the horrible horse pose "Vatayanasana", badha padmasana and Anzy clasping in Maricyasana III on her own. (It is her New Year's Resolution pose.)

We worked on standing poses, ustrasana and danurasana in the 6:00 class. We had a fun time, everyone enjoying a bit more space than we had last week. There were a lot of people who I did not know in class and had learned "other ways" but were such good students that they listened well, applied my instructions well and made great progress throughout class. Great studentship.

Katherine, Anne, Kelly, Tabatha, Svetha all double-dipped. Yahoo. (Ari assured me she wouold have double dipped but hse had an appointment with the tattoo artist, which, understandably took priority.)

This weekend I am going to teach in Corpus Christi to teach at Michelle's studio, I am reallyexcited to introduce Anusara Yoga to her gang there. Plus I have never really been to Corpus so it will be fun to go to a new place.


Anne-Marie Bowery said...

you know I did have this premotion between the 1st and 3rd foray into M3 that I was going to get it.

very cool.

have a great trip.

love, anzy

austinlisam said...

Yay, Anne! Enjoy CC, Christina!
Love, Lisa