Wednesday, January 9, 2008


One of the things I like about external marking points- like new years, new sessions, new months, etc. is that it always makes for an easy way to "Start over". So for my Austin classes I thought I would sat this week at the beginning and work with the theme of Open to Grace. There really is a lot to say about open to grace but one aspect we worked with at 4:30 was that Opening to Grace reminds us to put our individual efforts in the stream of grace as a means by which we might glorify the supreme. (anu- the self, the individual; sara - to follow of to flow- anusara then is to put the individual into the larger flow...flow with Grace... like that)

The 4:30 class was good strong practice going in the backbending direction, with lots of familiar faces and few new one who I hope return for more fun next week. Hard to know.That kind of class, you either like or you hate!

Abigail is a new member of our group, joining us from Scottsdale Arizona where she studied with Christy and Des and the folks where I got started. She is going to join us in our immersion and hopefully be at our practices and so forth, so that is fun. Please make an effort to welcome here when you see her and help make her transition smooth and easeful.

We have been slightly reduced in numbers at 6:00 on Tuesdays but the 20 people who were almost all part of the "regular gang" and worked hard, laughed a lot and practiced some variations of gomkhasana, garudasana, some good arm balances all in the name of Opening to Grace and remembering the midline, that source of Grace in the middle of it all!

Mike, Susan, Anne, Kelly, Svetha (back from Egypt!!), Jeremiah, Bridgitte all double-dipped for a thoroughly challenging evening of work.

Ari brought in some T-shirt designs which ARE GOING TO BE GREAT so stay tuned for the details of how to get yours. (even if you do not live here, you are going to want one of the Austin Kula's shirts, believe me, and we will want you to have one because the kula's boundaries are not limited geographically...It is just one big gang.) I think profits are going to start a scholarship fund for local events. I think that is the idea.

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