Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well, it is late but I am wide awake even though it has been a long few days.

We are really just covering so much territory it is blowing me away. First and foremost the thing I am loving so much is being with everyone. It is such an all-star cast. John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, Christy Nones, Martin Kirk, Todd Norian, Betsey Downing, Suzie Hurley, Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze, Olga Rasmussen, Ellen Staltonsall, Lois Nesbitt, Jimmy and Ruthie. There is something quite strong and profound about being together and sharing our love for the method, for teaching and for the information with John who shared it with us in the first place. I am enjoying working together and seeing different people's strengths arise and discovering pockets of humor, passion and sincerity in each other. Many of us around the table have known each other since the 90's and so there is a feeling of history- of a shared past and a sense of awe that we are actually in the process of shaping the future as well.

There are so many great things that will be filtered into our community in the next few years that are going to help all us us really go to a new level of excellence. I am excited to being implementing the changes in the Immersion I am already teaching as well as starting the Part One Immersion with Darren in January using the new protocols. It is really going to be great and seriously, just because you have done an Immersion once, is no reason to not do it again.

I think there are probably some other really insightful things to write about but honestly I cannot for the life of me think of what they might be. However, here are some fun pics.

Amy, Chair of the Committee with John Friend

At work in the meeting

Lunch break: Me, Noah, Martin

The Men: Todd, Martin and Noah!

Noah in Table top variation of eka pada koudinyasana 2

On break at the hotel

John and I playing. This was part of some fun silliness that Amy actually has on video.

All right. Another morning of work tomorrow and then home.


mark said...

will you not be there on fri?

Jeremiah Wallace said...

Looks like fun!

Christina Sell said...

I will be teaching an Immersion in Austin so no party in The Woodlands for me on Friday.

mark said...

aww bummer. See you on Sat though!