Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I spent the morning yesterday re-working the Part One Immersion Curriculum Darren and I will work from in Tucson in January. It now reflects the changes, additions and so forth from the committee meeting. Lots of structure and even tests (gasp!) which we will call Empowerment Reviews because really, isn't it empowering to learn something and to really know that you know it? Anyway, that was kind of a project.

After that Kelly and I ate lunch, went on a walk and I got to go to Peggy's Advanced class. All in all it was a very nice day off. I am finishing up breakfast now and I am going to go post a lesson on the online classroom for the mentor group. We are working a lot with sequencing strategies right now and due to all the comings and goings of the last few weeks I am a bit late on posting Lesson #10. But today is the day. Get ready.

Speaking of Sequencing Strategies, the Costa Rica Retreat I am offering with Inner Harmony is now a Teacher Training Week. Every morning I will lead a Teacher Training Session and Martin Kirk will be teaching Anatomy in the afternoons. I think this week will help teachers of all levels of experience deepen their knowledge and skill. Here is an overview of my offering for the week. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

The Art of Teaching Anusara Yoga with Christina Sell: Sequencing Strategies
March 13-20
Costa Rica

Understanding the art of sequencing is at the heart of asana practice and teaching. This teacher training course will teach aspiring, new and experienced Anusara Yoga teachers how to creatively and effectively sequence their classes. Each day will focus on a different type of class and will explore various strategies for approaching the challenges that are unique to each situation. Each session will incorporate asana practice, practice teaching and experiential exercises to hone and refine your teaching skills and empower you to take your teaching to a new level of excellence.

Day One: Sequencing for Beginning Yoga Students
Day Two: Sequencing for the Experienced Yoga Student who is new to Anusara Yoga
Day Three: Sequencing Strategies for teaching Alignment-Based Vinyasa
Day Four: Sequencing Toward Peak Poses within a Mixed-Level Class

Day Five: Sequencing to teach The Universal Principle of Alignment

And for those of you who do not know Martin he is an extraordinary person and teacher and has such a love for anatomy and how it relates to the Universal Principles of Alignment that you can be sure this is no dry Anatomy course. He conveys the majesty of the human structure so intelligently and inspiringly in his courses. I am very excited to be there and take it myself!

All right, time to get on with the day. Work to do, then practice and then teach.


mark said...

I wish that TT class were here in ATX!

Christina Sell said...

That subject matter will be covered in the next Teacher Training course I am giving at Breath and Body Yoga. But not all in one chunk like that. And some of it is on my online group. We did a 20 hour training like that a couple of years ago in San Marcos and it was so good.

Me and Noah are doing a sequencing workshop together in LA. July 16-18.

Dates for BBY yoga teacher training are:
April 23-25
April 30- May2
June 4-6
July 9-11
August 6-8
sept. 10-12