Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Morning

Well, a few days ago Kelly read me Alexis' Facebook Status update that said something along the lines of 'Alexis had a lot of free time today that was filled with awesomeness." Kelly loved the words awesomeness and quickly began incorporating it into his speech. Yesterday as we got into the car to go to Focus on Form he said, "I hope this day is filled with awesomeness." So on the way to Castle Hill I looked up the definition of "awe" which is : a mixed feeling of reverence, fear, and wonder, caused by something majestic, sublime, sacred, etc.

So I used that as my theme in the morning class and we worked on creating a majestic lift in the chest through the awesome power of muscular energy in the legs. We had a standing pose emphasis for class and worked up to ardha chandra chapasana which went quite well.

I spent the day getting some things in order for this weekend and my upcoming trips and also filming a lesson for the online mentoring group. (Yes, we are starting a new one in February so if you are interested in learning more about this program, please email me at Then I went back to Castle Hill for the 6:00 class, which is now an honest 90 minute class instead of a 75 minute class that I always run late!

It was a great class. We worked on Virabhdrasana 2 and reverse Virabhadrasana 2 and made a foray into variations and preparations for visvamitrasana. Such fun and strong work and focus. I reflected on my day of teaching yesterday and felt very inspired by the studentship in the classroom as of late. People are coming to class regularly, working hard, with good attitudes and I feel a real momentum building that is quite exciting. I do hope we all keep going because right now its a pretty fun ride.

AND...Jeremiah gave me his application form for Anusara-Inspired status to sign which made me feel completely elated. Okay, let me be clear... he didn't just give me the form to sign- he and I have been working together on his teaching, he has implemented plenty of my feedback over a period of years, he has honed his practice and skills and after all that, last night he gave me his form to sign. (Want to really get me going sometime? Ask me to "Sign off" on your application form without wanting to work together first to improve your teaching. Ask me "just for a signature" and you will see a strange tic start to arise! more on that another time though.)

Okay, but back to Jeremiah, who I think is a great teacher. So why I felt elated is that I met Jeremiah when I first moved here and worked in Teacher Training at YogaYoga and he was in that program. And after that he and a lot of his group did my first Immersion here in the fall of 2007. J-man is the first out of the Austin group that started with me to apply for that status so I have a certain sense of pride in his accomplishment. He also was in the group that started when the requirements to be Anusara-Inspired were much less stringent- only 100 hours of Anusara Studies. Then in the middle of the Immersion the standards were increased and then again recently they went up again. At each stage, right when he met the requirement, they went up. And he stayed with the process with dedication, commitment and focus and so to me, it is a very big deal. So, congratulations to Jeremiah. Of course, I have to fill out the form and get it to the office and they have to approve it still but still, this is big.

So here are some upcoming fun things:

Saturday December 19th
Breath and Body Yoga (
4:00-6:00- Intermediate Level Practice, led by me.
6:00-8:00- Potluck to follow (Anyone interested in organizing the food for that? email me if so)
Suggested donation $10-$20
Come for practice only, come for the potluck only but please come and make merry and enjoy being together! email me or Desirae at Breath and Body if you want to come.

January 14-February 11
BEGINNING YOGA SERIES with Christina Sell and Hannah Emlen
Thursday Nights
Breath and Body Yoga (
Introduction to Yoga through the practices and principles of Anusara Yoga. Have a family member or friend you want to get started in the practice? Send them to this introductory series with us to learn the basics in a fun, friendly and empowering atmosphere. Lots of explanation, assistance.
contact Desirae at Breath and Body for more info.

Spread the word!

Okay, more soon.

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