Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday Morning

Well, Wednesday got off to a busy start and left me with no time to write.

Looking all the way back to Tuesday afternoon, a handful of us met to do a practice which was really fun. We work a lot on padmasana and variations and out it into handstand, pinca, sirasana 2, kukkutasana and parsva kukkutasana, headstand and shoulder stand. So many questions came up in our practice about parsva sarvangasana that I decided to teach it in my 4:30 class. So we did rollicking sequence with lots of chest opening, shoulder stretching, inner spiral and ab work to head that way. It was not easy, but really good.

Wednesday morning started with Focus on Form at 9:30. We did a kind of potpourri class that went something like this:

Child's Pose
Surya namaskar variations
paryankasana variation over a block
dwi pada viparita dandasana over a chair
pinca mayurasana
ardha bhekasana
ardha danurasana
setu bandhasana
pascima namsakrasana
prasarita paddottanasana with arms in reverse prayer
garudasana with goumkasana arms
classic gomukhasana, feet together
maricyasana 1

I spent the day working on my schedule, dealing with some interpersonal dynamics, scheming about the future and then I did a lovely yoga practice before heading back out to Castle Hill to teach the evening class. We did a lot of inner thigh stretches in baddha konasana, parsvakonasana, triangle pose, and lots of core work for vasisthasana and vasisthasana 2. then we did some chair backbends, urdhva danurasana and supta padangusthasana and even had time for a nice long savasana.

After that Kelly, me, Anne and Jeff went out for Christmas Eve Eve dinner which was fantastic and then I came home, talked on the phone a while and crashed.

So here we are Thursday morning, classes cancelled this afternoon and an unscheduled holiday weekend stretching out in front of me. What fun!

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Lisa said...

Ditto the "not easy but great" about Tuesday's awesome sequence. Warmest Christmas wishes to you and Kelly!