Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, good morning! We had a great night at the Immersion last night. After some introductory remarks about Patanjali And the History of Yoga we launched into a long practice of standing poses and deep forward bends. It was pretty darn luscious. Here is the sequence and some pictures.

Theme: dwelling in the splendor of the Self

Surya Namaskar
Lunge with back knee down
Lunge with twist
Lunge with twist and a quad stretch
Vira 1, Vira 2, Rev. Vira 2, parsvakonasana flow
Vira 1, rev. vira 1, Rev. revolved vira 2, revolved lunge flow
Chidl's pose
SPG 1, 2
windshield wiper pose
reclined babay cradle
seated baby cradle
parighasana, ashtanga style
uppavistha konasana
baddha konasana
janu sirasana
parivritta janu sirsasana
surya yantrasana
lunge, shoulder under leg
clasped uttanasana
eka pada sirsasana

Don't forget holiday practice and potluck today at 4:00 at Breath and Body Yoga. Come enjoy asana, food and one another.

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texclamatory said...

Wonderful pictures. They capture the day so well. Thanks, Kelly!