Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Okay well, it is Tuesday Morning and it has been several days since I checked in here on the world wide web.

I spent the weekend in the Houston area teaching. Friday night I was at Valerie Immore's studio, Sundance Yoga. On Saturday I taught at the Katy YMCA. And then I went back to Sundance on Sunday. It was a really great weekend. I worked with a Shiva/Shakti theme at Sundance and with a theme of Saying Yes to Life! at the YMCA. This is the second time I have taught in Katy and the third time I have been to Sundance and so it was really great to meet new folks but also to see so many familiar faces. The workshops were both well attended - we had around 30 people in every session- and all in all, it was a great weekend.

As I was packing my things to get in the car I realized- "Oh wow, this is not an Immersion weekend- it is asana classes all weekend. What a relief!" Don't get me wrong...I love Immersions and I love teacher trainings but they really do require a different kind of focus and attention than a weekend that is primarily asana classes. Partly because many of the Immersion students are teachers or want to teach and are heading to Teacher Training, the information in an Immersion is not presented in as much of a "take what you can use" kind of manner. There is a lot more required knowledge to cover and to help people really understand. It is just a different animal than offering several sequences to help people increase awareness, improve their practice and gain some insight into new and familiar postures.

Anyway- the weekend was great and then yesterday I actually took for some down time. The weather was cool- only 93 degrees- so Kelly and went walking on the greenbelt (I gave up running. It hurts. Three runs and my uttanasana was wrecked! sigh.) and then we went to the movies on the spur of the moment. I am like the least spontaneous person I know so this was kind of a big deal. We were driving down the road after our walk, I was looking at The Chronicle and I saw that Harry Potter started in 8 minutes and we were right there on Westgate. So we turned left instead of right and went to the movies. After that I cleaned up, went to Peggy's Iyengar Yoga class at the Austin Yoga School with Anne and then came home, made dinner and sat up- late into the night talking with Kelly. It was cool enough to sit on the porch and enjoy the summer evening which was awesome.

Today- I am going to practice some asana this morning, get some things in order for the week- I start my local mentoring group on Wednesday as well as a new class at Castle Hill on Wednesday night so I am looking forward to that. I will be out of town Thursday-Tuesday so there is a lot to do to prepare for the trip and so forth. Kelly and I are going to Oregon and I have not been back there in like 10 years. So excited. if you are in Portland, come to practice with me on Saturday from 10-3. I am teaching at Allison's new place.

Gioconda will be covering my Castle Hill classes and Erika will be teaching at Breath and Body Yoga. So go and support the class, the substitute, the studio, your fellow classmates and yourself. (not necessarily in that order....)

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