Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Morning

Well, yesterday Focus On Form was a blast. We had a great turn out of very well-practiced people. I taught a handful of the arm balances on the Level 1 syllabus. We worked on the preliminary stage of vastisthasana with the top foot down, the stage with the feet stacked and also with the top leg in vrksasana. Then we made a foray into eka hasta bhujasana and astavakrasana. It was a lot of fun. Of course, interspersed in there was some good old-fashioned standing pose work, hip opening stretches and explanations. I worked with the theme of softening toward oneself and create effort that re-enforces that softening. (Open to Grace and Muscle Energy) Everyone did so well.

I really love that class a lot. I love that people come to learn technique but also work very hard. It is great fun to have the leeway in both directions. Just good solid strong work in the basic postures. Plus what was really fun these last few weeks is some old faces showing back up in class. Since I left YogaYoga there have been so many people I just haven't seen with an regularity- between the significant change in where I teach, the change i times, the summer travel, etc. I have felt pretty disconnected from "the old gang". (not that I have not enjoyed meeting new people. Believe me, I love that also.) But anyway, it has been fun to be re-connecting with some of the old gang and seeing them show back up in class. Kim, Alice, Mandy, Brigitte Laura, Tabitha, and even Kelly came to class yesterday morning. So fun.
  • AMS
  • Childs pose
  • Down Dog
  • Uttanasana
  • Simple Surya Namaskar variations- (6X no long holds)
  • standing with arms out to the side like vasisthasana to learn arm actions
  • vasisthasana with top foot down
  • vasisthasana with feet stacked
  • standing baby cradle prep- 2X
  • vrksasana
  • vasisthasana with top leg in vrksasana
  • parsvakonasana- introducing IS actions
  • cat/cow foray to learn kidney loop
  • parsvakonasana- applying kidney loop
  • trikonasana- 2X-
  • deep lunge, forearms to floor
  • deep parsvakonasana working front shoulder under front leg
  • reclined hip stretching
  • eka hasta bhujasana
  • astavakrasana
  • setu bandhasana
  • windshield wiper pose
  • knees to chest

okay, then after class I met Laura for a light lunch at Babylon Foods. (Whole Foods) then at 2 we had our instructor's class with Devon Dederich teaching Iyengar Yoga. It was SO AWESOME. I could do a whole blog entry on her expertise and knowledge and skillful generosity in sharing with us. We laughed, we worked hard, we did a strong practice and I think everyone learned A TON. Devon was one of my early yoga teachers- I took classes from here 12 years ago when Kelly and I lived here and her studio was were REI is now. Anyway- I always learn something from practicing with her and yesterday was no exception. We were "missing" a bunch of people from the practice but the folks there were so attentive, capable,respectful and fun that I left inspired and really happy about the possibility for our practice time really evolving into something great.

Here is her sequence:

  • childs pose
  • down dog
  • uttanasana
  • down dog, chataranga, up dog, chataranga- 3 x total (approx. 30 sec. each)
  • parsvakonasana- hand in front of ankle
  • parsvakonasana- hand behind ankle
  • vira 1
  • parivritta trikonasana
  • handstand- 3 hand placement variations- turning palms out, straight, and then all the way out so your fingers face into the middle of the room
  • pinca mayurasana
  • sirsasana
  • eka pada supta virasana, 2x
  • paryankasana,elbows pushing floor to lift the chest
  • paryankasana, arms over head, keep chest lifting
  • dwi pada viparita dandasana over chair
  • urdhva danurasana over chair
  • eka pada urdhva danurasana over chair
  • urdhva danaurasna
  • eka pada urdhva danurasana
  • dwi pada viparita dandasana with head down
  • padmasana
  • dwi pad viparita dandasasana in padmasana over chair
  • AMS
  • pasasana atwall
  • bharadvajasana at wall
  • bhradvajasana II
  • ardha matsyendrasana II
  • uttanasana
  • pascimottanasana
  • supported halasana at wall on a bolster
  • viparita karani
  • savasana

Yay, Devon! Really, it was a great time. My back bends felt great and it was just so fun to be together and sharing the practice. Next time we meet (Sept 9) for the Instructor Practice Sanieh will be teaching Prana Vinyasa.

Okay, well that's the update for today. Notice my class schedule changes next week:

  • Tuesdays- 4:30 Castle Hill- level 2/3
  • Tuesdays- 6:30 Breath and Body- Int/Adv. (Vinyasa-Based)
  • Wednesdays- 9:0 Castle Hill- Focus on Form- all levels
  • Wednesdays 6:00- Castle Hill- level 2/3
  • Thursdays- 4:30 Castle Hill- Level 2/3
  • Thursdays- 6:30- Breath and Body- Int/Adv.(Vinyasa-Based)

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