Sunday, September 13, 2009


A few scenes from the day with Des. We did standing poses and back bends in the morning and ended the day with some forward bends and hip opening work. As always, lots of fun, lots of good nuggets of wisdom for on and off the mat and from what I could tell people had a great time. I know I did.

A few thigh stretches...
And thighs back here also!
Sheldon and Andrew
Des and Andrew trying to help Jason get some mobility in his upper back...
chataranga dandasana
Down Dog
Feeling the Love
Ready to go the The Broken Spoke
On a personal note, my yoga-world-order was restored over the weekend- Mark and Hannah were back in class, Pammy was back in class, Jesse was back in class and Ari was taking photos of the fun. (This is to say that I am not ever grateful for everyone else and for all of you who are regularly in class and for those new friends who came from far and wide, because Lord knows I am, but it is so nice to have some of the old gang back together. I have really felt a bit as though we have been split asunder since last spring. Not criticizing, not admonishing, just simply saying HOW MUCH I like it when we are all together.) And we have photographic proof. Here is a link to some of Ari's fabulous photos.


mandy eubanks said...

I'm declaring myself as part of the old gang :)

Christina Sell said...

well, sweet Mandy-ji... the thing is that YOU, my dear, have been in my classes a lot lately so I have seen you. I thought about adding your name to the old gang list but I did not want to imply that by saying you were "back" in class that you had not "been" in class. :)

Lisa said...

Ha ha, and I'm taking myself off the injured list. What a fun weekend! It really was a blast having some old friends back together. Here is a link to my photos from Sunday morning. Normally I post "friends only" and I am experimenting with making this public. So if anyone sees a photo of him/herself that they want removed email me and I will make it so. Lots of love, Lisa

Leslie Salmon said...

Wow! Looks like a great group. Thank you for sharing these photos with us.