Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I set the intention yesterday to really take care of myself and I did just that. Had some tea instead of coffee in the morning (For the record I am NOT anti-coffee in general. However, the more tired and cranky I become the more I drink it and the worse it is for me- I get angry, impatient and less able to sleep well and so it feeds a downward cycle rather than an uplifting one.) I made a great Ayurvedic lunch and dinner, got a chiropractic adjustment (3 ribs out and a few vertebrae out f whack as well!), went to Peggy's class, walked my dogs, made an accupuncture appointment for today and got some work done closing out the weekend and getting ready for the week, the training in Corpus and the online mentoring group. A good day, all in all. I even bought myself a new T-shirt at Costco.

Peggy's class was really fun. She taught a backbending sequence working up to dwi pada viparita dandasana with the head down and the legs together and straight. It was most excellent. She also introduced a discussion of the kleshas and how yoga helps us cope, manage, lessen them. It was a good time. The sequence was simple, straight forward and very effective. I left feeling open and also quite calm. I think that is what I love most about Iyengar Yoga- the post- practice sattvic state. (Even after deep back bends.) I think it has to do with the inversions, the lack of vinyasa and the longer holds with empty space between poses. (Don't get me wrong here, I like vinyasa, moving a lot, etc. also... I am just saying what I like about Iyengar Yoga specifically. I could write another entry about what I like about vinyasa because that list is long also!)

Let's see- accupuncture, practice and teaching is on the agenda today. Mom and Dad arrive sometime tomorrow and so I am not going to be teaching on Thursday so I can spend some time with them while they are here. Hannah will sub for me at Castle Hill and probably Erika or Omar will sub for me at Breath and Body. However, next week I will be teaching vinyasa for Gioconda at 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursday at Castle Hill while she is gone, so that is fun.

That is about it for now. Onward.


Jeremiah Wallace said...

Ditto on the post-Iyengar sattva. Desiree gave a good dose of that on Sunday too.

Christina Sell said...

Yes and having two to three hurs really helps. 75 minute classes to get to deep backbends pretty much takes you out of the domain of sattvic afterglow!