Monday, September 21, 2009

Back Home

Well, back home from Corpus Christi this weekend. We had an excellent weekend of Teacher Training over there. We focused a lot on sequencing and how to teach poses in a systematic and progressive way for different levels as well on some strategies for adapting and modifying postures to address special needs.

Also we had some time to have an ethics discussion. We based the discussion around the outline that John gives in The Teacher Training Manual with the Yamas and Niyamas. It is always good to review some of our basic ethical precepts and what informs them. Also inspiring is to consider what a high calling it is to teach yoga and how much is involved in growing into the calling that it is. It makes me think a lot about a teaching that Darren always gives that his father gave him once about teaching and serving: "God does not choose the qualified; he qualifies the chosen."

We are not necessarily called to teach yoga because we are already honest, compassionate, non-clinging, non-hoarding, disciplined, and completely surrendered to the will of God. We are called to teach yoga because teaching yoga is such an amazing way to cultivate those qualities within ourselves and in our behaviors. Teaching is a means of purifying ourselves and rooting out those things within our minds and hearts that stand in the way of living true to these ideals. Teaching yoga is a line of work that calls us to The Highest and for me, nothing else quite provides same level of empowerment, encouragement, and humbling ass-kicking that being a certified Anusara Yoga teacher does.

Anyway, it is a really great thing to have such an ongoing learning situation with a group of people like we have in Corpus Christi. We have really come a long way together.

On the personal front, Mom and Dad put an offer in on a house on Friday and it was accepted. Their new house, if everything goes through as planned, is about a 5-minute walk from my house so they will be very close. I think they made a great choice and it will be a good situation for all of us. They thought they would go home tomorrow but it might be that they will be extending their trip a few days to see to inspections, etc. before they head back to Georgia. I plan to spend the day with them. Also, I have a lot to catch up that I didn't get to over the weekend.

Well, that is about it for now.


Leslie Salmon said...

Ah, ethics; dealing with those this morning. Thank you for the boost.

Jeremiah Wallace said...

I guess on blogs there isn't a simple "like" button to click on, and you have to say something.