Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Morning

So- here are a few pictures from the weekend. First, we have Me and Anne getting our mani pedis on Saturday at the Tips and Toes Salon at Westgate. The color balance in the photo is off- I am still learning how to use my new camera, but I think it gets the mood across. And you will all be happy to know that my toenails made it though yesterdays class reasonably well.

Which takes us to he other pics- a few from class with Johnny that Laura took and some of me and Anne.

Anne, soaking her feet, wishing the water was warmer. (She later took matters into her own hands and added more hot water when the manicurist was not there.)

Christina, sweating, because the water she was soaking in was boiling hot.
Anne, getting the back massage prior to her manicure which is more like a beating than it is a massage but, oh well...
Anne, soaking.

Sweatfest! Laura's camera was fogging up. But that is me in ekapada rajakapotasana (With a sickled foot- oh well.. we had about one breath to get into it so I figure this is not terrible!) Me and Anne, post sweatfest... Look at the glow...
With Mr. Kest.

Yesterday was anther fun class. I had a great time. I think perhaps that was the sweatiest I have ever been in a yoga class. I am nowhere near as sore as I should be considering the last two days of practice. I really enjoyed the weekend. One thing I love about visiting teachers is getting to be a student in the classroom with many of the people I usually am teaching and I really enjoy my students when I am in the capacity of teaching but being with them as a student is a certain kind of delicious. I can let go in a certain way. I love that.

Oh- other big news is that my friend Noah is a Dad. I got a text message at around 6:00 yesterday morning that Tracy had gone into labor and he was heading home from Philadelphia. Later that day I checked in with him- Tracy gave birth to a baby girl, both ladies are doing great.

So that is a wrap for this mornig. I am going to practice and clean my house today. It is has slowly become way messier than I like.


Pamela said...

Congrats to Noah! So great to hear the news. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

Svetha said...

Congrats Noah!

Oh, and Christina, I just noticed the cool new picture on your blog. Looks great!

whatnot said...

great news all around! maybe we can make "anusara austin" onesies next time.