Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Morning

I have a great day planned for myself. I am going to pretend that I am in a yoga intensive. I am going to do a 3-hour back bend practice this morning, take a break, eat a light lunch and then do a long inversion and forward bending practice this afternoon. I cannot wait. Well, actually I am waiting because I just had breakfast and so I need to wait a bit,which is why I am going to update my blog as my tea, milk, green powder and walnuts digest.

So last night was our first night of Thursday classes at Westgate. We had a lot of new faces in the 4:30 class, which I realized I had not really planned on when I planned what I was going to present in class. So next week, I will be better prepared for the 4:30 class with a more structured class that will help people integrate into "Advanced Anusara Yoga with Christina Sell at 4:30." That is not to say that people did not do well- they really did- it just wasn't as much of a "teaching class" in a step-by-step way that people new to our advanced class would really benefit from. Okay- so live and learn. We did a long forward bend and hip-opening sequence and I talked about "asana as establishing your seat- your connection the earth, your posture and attitude and your connection to the vital energy within you." Like that.

The 6:00 Flow class was pretty darn sweaty and also pretty darn fun. I kept a lot of the postures pretty basic and worked with moving with the breath and introducing the primary flows, primarily muscle energy. I felt good about it in that there were so many new faces and by the end everyone had radically improved bhujangasana, vira 1 and vira 2 without any big demos or heavy-handed threats about potential injury and so forth. Flow classes presents a unique challenge for teaching rather than just leading a class so it is the best when in the scope of a flow class, people are receptive to refinement and learning. It asks a lot of the student, really. Last night, people worked hard and yet the mood wasn't brutal or over-the-top. (at least to me!) It was really cool that people were very internally focused yet in sync with my teaching. We worked with chit- consciousness and spanda- pulsation- bringing consciousness to the pulsations of the breath, the poses, the principles, etc. It was, I thought, a solid class.

Tabitha, Mark, Brigitte, Anne, Jesse, Valerie and Susan all double dipped.

Okay- so digestion is now underway, I am making my way to my yoga studio for round 1.


Lisa said...

Enjoy your San Marcos retreat! What is green powder?

Christina Sell said...

Gree powder is my super duper vitamin drink.

Lisa said...

Does it by any chance give you your super powers? :-)

Christina Sell said...

Yes, that is part of the secret.