Monday, September 1, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Well, we had a most excellent practice yesterday. We had a nice small group- several last minute cancellations due to illness and family obligations. But we really went for it. I personally was in the back bending zone. I love when that coincides with the opportunity for deep back bends. Sometime we have a practice and I just cannot get open and sometime I will feel really open but I am in a practice where I do not have time to go deeper or in a class that things are not going to go beyond ustrasana, etc. Anyway- not a lot of profound things to say about it other than it was super joyful for me to be with everyone. Here are some shots from practice. (Imagine Pammy's Anusara Yoga mix blaring in the background- funky town, neil diamond, stand by me, another one bites the dust, etc. Very festive indeed.)

Jeremiah, rocking eka pada rajakapotasana Jesse in dwi pada viparita dandasana
Kelly in eka pada raja kapotasana
Again, from another angle - what a stud!
Jesse and Meg
Jason in the one-legged royal king pigeon pose

Jason, scorpion attempt
Jeff, looking up at Annzy
Jeff, reaching for his foot working toward chakra bandasana
So close...

Anne, dropping over

Christina in chakra bandasana
Deborah in scorpion attempt
Me, in eka pada raja kapotasana variation
Me, in eka pada viparita dandasana variation- (My leg, however should be vertical and it is too far in. Oh well, I am over achieving again... what's new?)
After practice Jeff and Anne stayed for a little while and we ate roasted potatoes which were yummy. Then Kelly and I cleaned up and went up to Austin. We swung by REI to check out their Labor Day sale and then we headed to Westgate for me to teach a class for Free Day of Yoga. It was a pretty big class- almost 50 people came- all levels and experiences. I thought it went really well. I focused on good strong work in the basics and people were so open, receptive and engaged it was a pleasure to teach.
I have a meeting in Austin this morning and then Anne and I are going to sojourn up to Breath And Body Yoga to take a class with Desirae, the owner. She invited me to teach a class in her teacher training program in September and I thought it would be fun to see what they are up to before I do that. SO today is that day- good sweaty lunch time flow. Hope to see everyone at 4:30 or 6:00. 4:30 is now a hatha class and 6:00 is still advanced. both at Westgate. Come check it out. Perfect double-dip scenario. (Natalie, a double dipper is someone who takes two classes back to back.)
Have a good day!


Pamela said...

Ahhhh ... this makes me SO sad that I wasn't there. I hate missing group practices. Love the pix AND I owe you a few more CD's to complete our very long playlist.

Christina Sell said...

can't wait for the extended play list and the next practice!