Saturday, September 27, 2008

Home Again

Well, I am home from Estes Park and back in Blog Land. I was staying in a cabin away from Internet access and whenever I was away from the cabin I was so busy that I just could not manage to keep up the blog from Estes Park.

The Grand Gathering was, well, Grand. Just so fantastic in so many ways. The scope of the event was staggering and the ease with which all the logistics were managed were certainly impressive. I spent every morning assisting John on the floor in his Master Classes, all of which were fantastic. Occasionally I would look up at the sea of 800 people all practicing beautiful Anusara Yoga and it was just staggering and almost dizzying.

Interestingly enough, the highlights of the week for me were really not connected so much to the asana classes or workshops but were oriented more around the personal time I got to spend with my friends and fellow presenters. I am just continually amazed at this community. You cannot find a group of people more fun-loving and more ready to party at a drop of a hat who also can instantly give you personal advice that is solid, grounded, compassionate and that challenges you to really step into your truth at new levels. It is a stunning configuration of people. It really is.

Please check out Pamela's Blog for the scoop and the play-by-play of Estes. She is now our famous Blogger and she deserves it given her zeal for communication and the written word.

I am off to go practice before my Immersion meets today. I anticipate traffic being somewhat hellish given ACL festival and the football game so I will need to leave early.

All right then. More later.

A few pics-

Me and Naime on the limo up to Estes PArk, which is a story all in itself.

Brent and Shelley.
Me and Noah and Naime on our drive to the mountains.

The Goddesses go hiking...Me, Sarah, Rachel, Kelly and Christy on a hike. Me at Dream Lake. WOW.

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