Saturday, September 13, 2008

Immersion Weekend #2

We had a good day today in our Immersion.

I was pretty tired this morning when I woke up from our night on the town last night. (Marcia Ball was FANTASTIC by the way.) I felt pretty good by the time I got up to Northwest and really excited about diving into the material today. We started off with a brief recap of the History of Yoga philosophy and then we worked with the shoulder principles during the asana class. Mark came from 4-6 for an anatomy lesson on the shoulders and hips. His lesson on the shoulders nicely re-inforced the work we did in asana and tomorrow we will work with Inner and Outer spiral in the legs in the asana class to integrate the hip lesson.

It was a good day that seems to just move right along. I was really hungry by the end of the day so I sped home and had some of our pasta leftovers from last night. Now I am watching one of my favorite movies of all time "Pretty Woman". What a great movie.

Anyway- here are some pics from the day... (Thanks, Lisa)

See everyone tomorrow!

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Lisa said...

Must have been the night for "classic" movies...I went back a decade more than you did and introduced the kids to Airplane. Good times!