Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Night

I had a few days off which has been really lovely. I definitely needed some time to let down a bit and just get grounded again from all of the travel I have been doing this spring. I actually cancelled my trip to Bozeman this weekend so I could stay home and settle in a bit. Also I have been "in the tent" which is great because I really need to rest so I have been luxuriating in restorative practice and feeling the deep rest that comes with honoring that cycle. It is just so perfect to really give myself that time to rest, restore and be "off the demand" in a certain way. (My demand mostly...I am a bit of a task master!)

So we had classes down in San Marcos tonight. Both classes were a bit smaller than usual but they both went really well. We worked a lot of hip opening in both classes. Kelly and I decided that we will close The School for Summer Vacation. I will miss seeing everyone over the summer although I will enjoy the time off and getting to have dinner a bit earlier. I realized I have been teaching almost every night and weekend for two years and it is a very rare thing that I actually get to eat dinner with Kelly at a normal time! Once we know what the fall holds for both me and Kelly we can decide on a schedule.

Okay then- tomorrow I have a full day. I am excited for a good strong practice (after all this resting!) and to teach my Thursday night classes. More soon.

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