Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Morning

I had a most excellent day yesterday. I luxuriated in actually having an unscheduled day. I did all my morning practices, walked the dogs, caught up on some computer work, puttered a bit (A technical term for wandering around, cleaning a few things, organizing a shelf, fixing my hair, petting a cat, eating a piece of chocolate, checking email, paying a bill, etc. all in no particular order and without being required to bring anything to completion) and did a rockin' asana practice in the late afternoon before making a fantastic dinner of roasted cauliflower and green beans over rice. I did a practice very similar to the Thursday nights advanced class but extended to take 2 1/2 hours rather than the 1 1/4 hours of the Standard YogaYoga class. It was so great to have a nice open window of time to practice. I am dreaming about a two hour advanced class somewhere, sometime. Hmmm.

But in the meantime, several of you asked me if I was going to be doing any group practices during the summer and it just so happens that on Monday from 12-3 Mark and Hannah are planning to come and practice here with me so if your schedule is free, consider yourself welcome and invited. (Talking is certainly allowed but really, let's not just chat- I really want it to be a practice environment, not a social environment. Obviously, a little overlap is just fine but there is a line so don't come if you are unsure about where that line is or uninterested in respecting it!!) As far as money goes, I will just put out a bowl by the Ganesh puja and you can drop an offering into that bowl. If you are totally broke and can only afford the gas to get here and maybe one extra dollar, just drop a dollar in the bowl. Anyway, be ready for back bends. I will plan a sequence and I will certainly be available to help but it is also a time I plan to practice. Drop me an email if you plan to come.

Another fun thing that Kelly and I are enjoying lately is called Greenling Organic Produce Delivery. Check it out. Every week, they deliver organic produce to your doorstep. We personally get the local box, which is a box full of fresh, organic, locally grown produce. They even throw in a recipe which uses one or two of the ingredients in the box. This is where we got the recipe for the roasted cauliflower although I substituted ghee for the butter and a few other changes but yummy! Also, I get them to bring me whole milk from a local dairy that they carry and it is night and day better than the mass-produced Organic Milk I have been getting at HEB or Central Market. Kelly gets local eggs (Until we can figure out how to Katherine's every week, that is!)

At one time in my life I would not enjoyed a kind of luck -of- the- draw basket of produce but right now I find this part very fun. It is like a big surprise and then helps me not get stuck in a food rut. This helpful because when your diet boils down to rice and vegetables 90% of the time, variety is a bit more difficult to make happen! Most of their baskets and things, however you can customize to your preferences and so on so they do cater to the need/desire/habit of "getting exactly what you want".

I particularly love not going to the store to shop. I am home so little that I actually love things being brought directly to my doorstep these days- mail order yoga clothes from Prana's pro-deal (Which if you do not know about you should-- go to and then do a search for "prodeal" and then fill it out and if you are a yoga teacher then you get a big big big savings!), Netflix, now food. Delightful. Anyway, enough of the Greenling commercial, other than to say that they are super nice with very good customer service on top of it.

Off to walk the dogs. Love.


Lisa said...

"I am dreaming about a two hour advanced class somewhere, sometime. Hmmm." How funny! I have that same dream! :-) Love!

mandy said...

I'll be there on Monday ready to practice! I like the less chatting rule....but I also like to chat so the rule is good for me.

Christina Sell said...

Think of it more as a guideline than a rule...A Principle, if you will. :)

I personally love a lot of laughter and good company in a practice. I just do not like it when it stops feeling like we are actually doing yoga. That is all. Just something to keep in mind, for all of us.

See you Monday.

mandy said...

principle...yes much better less rigid.
Anyways I have had some issues around the good times, chatting, and laughter that comes with group practices. It at times pulls me out of my body and although I'm still within the throws of the good energy that is being created I can get sloppy in my form.