Friday, May 23, 2008

Off to Calgary

We had a really fun night of classes last night. Lots of people were at that advanced class which was really fun and I just kept being so impressed by how good everyone is getting. We did lots of opening in the hips, lots of hugging the midline and lots of fun arm balancing poses. It is so cool to see how far people are coming with their practices who have been coming to that class and to the Immersion all year.

The 6:00 class had a lot of new faces in it so I kept things more basic but the very col thing was how good all the students were. They paid attention, worked hard and really applied themselves to learning and improving their poses. It was a real pleasure to teach.

Susan, Tabatha, Anne, Kelly, Jen, Mark, Ari, and Karuna all double dipped.

I worked with the themes last night of Spanda- mostly in relationship to Being and Becoming. We have two aspects of yoga we are always balancing. One is the idea that we are already just fine how we are and we are hopefully learning to accept ourselves as we are (Being) and the idea that we are also growing and expanding and moving toward greater potential. (Becoming) I love thinking about this and holding these two ideas in mind. Yoga is a game of Both And not Either Or. More could be said on this but I have to go to the airport.

I am off to Calgary for the weekend. I think this is is the fifth or sixth year I have gone to teach up in Calgary. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and to hanging out with Kathy and Newton who are my hosts there. I amnot taking acomputer so I will catch this blog up on Monday when I get back.

Don't forget- we have a Memorial Day pracitice scheduled from 12-3 - if you can make it, please come!



Lisa said...

Have fun in Calgary! Last night was great. I'll miss you on sister is visiting from Arizona. Hope y'all have a wonderful practice. Love!!!

Dale said...

Ahhhh. Heraclitus vs Parmenides. "That which is, is" vs "that which is, is becoming." And Plato, the synthesist (that which is, is form, and that which is changing, are merely the temporal expressions of those forms). Good times :-). I really think that all of the keenly interesting philosophical questions were settled (or at least debated) by the Greeks :-).

It will be interesting to hear your take on being and becoming :-).