Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Morning

Good Morning! Here with a cup of tea following my morning rituals and practices and scheming about how best to use this little window of time to prepare everything for the afternoon and weekend. We are going to have one big party this weekend with Des here. I am very excited. I am really thinking how perfect it is that she is here and how I am so excited for my students here in Austin to meet my first Anusara Yoga teacher. What a cool thing that is. She has been such a big influence on my personal practice, my life of teaching and my involvement with Anusara Yoga. I am just thrilled that she is here to share herself, her unique and dynamic approach to Anusara Yoga and to meet everyone here. The timing could not be more perfect.

Last night's classes were really fun. Everyone in attendance was really in top form, which was so fun to see. People were really listening and taking in the lessons and executing really lovely poses- not to mention laughing a lot so the classes were great on so many levels. The 4:30 class was hip opening/twisting/arm balancing/forward bending-ish. It was great because Pammy is back from Anatomy Class, Lisa was back from being sick, Jesse was off from work, Jeremiah is back from teaching a class that conflicted (and he is now on the schedule for 7:30 hatha at South), Susan was back from her three week tour in England, Anzy was there (and sweating), Mike and Susan journeyed from Round Rock and Tabatha made it even though she was not certain it would even be possible and Katherine made it bearing eggs. (She is now in the chicken business-- yummy ethical eggs for those of you who eat eggs. Kelly had some this morning and pronounced them "super tasty".) Anyway, it was kind of like that gang was reassembled.

At 6 we had another rockin' class working toward mermaid pose with lots of quadriceps work and lots of hip opening. It was so great because I actually did not have to teach cobra!! the whole room was in good form on that one from the very beginning. How awesome is that??? Oh it really is the little things! We laughed a ton in this class. One really cool thing is that Marie was there. Who is Marie, you ask? Marie is an Anusara Yoga teacher from LA who trained there with a friend of mine named Ross Rayburn. So she has joined the YogaYoga staff. Keep your eyes out for her on the sub schedule and then with her own class soon.

Like I shared in class, my plan for "world domination" is really coming along. Well, actually, this is John's plan (and I am but one of his minions)but I have this vision of Austin, TX as hub of Anusara Yoga practice, teaching and training. Like every studio in town with a super great certified Anusara Yoga teacher teaching to full classes of enthusiastic practitioners. A few months ago there was all of this local discontent that got reported back to me and certain people were complaining about the growth of Anusara Yoga in Austin. Now that to me is just ridiculous. We have this incredible method, some of the most inspiring teachings ever and people were nervous "that it was getting too big". I just do not get that mentality at all. I mean, I do not think we should force growth but we are on a ride that has at its very nature a philosophy of EXPANSION. (Spanda and the play of opposites exists in an overall context of Expansion...) Grace, by its nature is Expansive (just like the Universe Itself, remember?) and so when we align with Grace skillfully, that is what happens! Expansion. It is so cool.

I think about all that has happened in the method since I got involved and now John is in Europe and Asia and all over the Globe. When I was in the Anusara Yoga headquarters, he had little pins in every place around the world where he had taught Anusara Yoga. (World Domination, remember?) So anyway, Marie is here so we have one person here to help spread the good word. What fun!

Anne, Susan and Mike, Katherine, and Pammy all double dipped. Yippee.

See you tonight if you are coming to Des. If not, keep the faith, hold the vision!


Lisa said...

Thursday 4:30 DID feel like the universe was back in place, and it was such a FUN class. And tonight was just so awesome. I see so many similarities between you and Desiree--bad ass teachers who lovingly PUSH their students, and the crazy sense of humor. Tonight's class just rocked. The teaching was fantastic and the group of people assembled much love in that room! YAY for world domination. Hugs...

People Power Granny said...

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