Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Night

We had super fun classes in Austin tonight. At 4:30 we had a rousing back bend class with lots of work with the chairs and a foray into scorpion pose. Everyone worked really hard and lots of people went quite deep into their back bends. We had just enough people for the number of chairs in the room so I decided to just go for it and build the class around chair work. It wasn't anything that should be on certification video, necessarily, but the work with chairs, when you really figure out how to utilize them is so powerful. I have done so much of it to work my way into the advanced back bends.

At 6:00 we worked toward hanumanasana, which was its own kind of intensity. I used a sequence that rotated through a quad stretch, a hip stretch, a hamstring stretch, and a twist all the way to hanumanasana by the end. Lots people got down to the floor and almost everyone was deeper than usual.

Katherine, Susan, Kelly, Anne and Mark all double-dipped.

So, during the workshop with Des, someone hit Lisa's car. She told Lisa she did not see anything on the car but if Lisa needed to talk with her about it I would know how to get a hold of her. Lisa found a dent and the thing is we do not know who actually hit her car! Lisa described her to me but it sounded like everyone who was there- fit, petite, dark hair, in yoga clothes, etc.) So if you are reading this and you remember hitting a red car, please email me so that I can put you in touch with Lisa.

Okay- so that is about it for now. I am looking forward to some time off and to a major scorpion pose practice of my own. That and some time on the river. Yippee.


Dale said...

Sounds like an awesome practice !!!

Interesting that Pigeon and Hanuman & that range of hip openers seem to be on alot of minds this last couple of weeks.

Sanieh showed us an awesome transition in her advanced flow class Wed. And I have to emphasize that we had previously worked up to vashistasana(?) & Hanuman. She showed us how to rise up into vashi, and then rotate the whole body so that the upper leg comes down to the floor in front of you & you end up in Hanuman or arda Hanuman. To protect the hamstrings, it is important to practice this with the upper/forward leg bent until you get familiar with it. This was a really fun transition, even if it was a little more advanced than I can do gracefully, and people with really open hams will have fun with it :-).

Note - dangerous pose - not for beginners - you didn't read about it here - sprechen zie Deuche?

Dale said...

Oh yeah - that was me who hit Lisa's car - fit, petite, dark hair, in yoga clothes - oh wait...

But I have dark hair !!

Jen said...

Thursday practices were great! I felt great after. I have really missed coming to your classes, and will really miss them when we leave (tear)! I will take advantage the last few weeks that we are here in Austin. Double dipping is in order!