Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Morning

We had the Immersion all weekend and all I can say is "Wow, this is not the same group that we started with!" (True, we are slightly reduced in numbers, but that is not what I am talking about. ) Everybody's practices have just gone to a new level. I could not believe my eyes throughout the weekend. Not only have we had a breakthroughs with basic poses like chataranga and bhujangasana but the work in back bends like urdhva dnaurasana and drop backs, arm balances and inversions was truly inspiring. I eman our whole front row was rockin' out in visvamitrasana yesterday like it was no big deal. (Okay, that is a slight exaggeration- they were working really hard! But doing it!)

Not only that but the everyone's studentship and understanding of the method and its philosophies has really taken a leap. I mean really, you just trot yourself over to watch a demo like you really want to learn! (Kidding. But truly, I never had to ask "Please, please, please come watch." How cool is that?) And when I listened and watched to the way you were all able to help one another in the partner work I was aware that people are really integrating the knowledge and are able to share it. So cool.

You know, back in August, on the first day of our Immersion I mentioned something about what an amazing thing it is to commit to a process like an Immersion and that we would be build something together over the year. I remember a few nods but that this little speech not making too much of an impact on the group. I knew from experience what we were all getting into but no one else really did! This is the third group I have taken through a 100-hour training like this and I have come to understand its patterns and dynamics the more that I do it. It is an Immersion and in some ways in the middle you are kind of dunked under water and you cannot always see what is happening. Many times people want to quit. Many people do along the way. (And sometimes they need to withdraw for good reasons that cannot be helped; just life calls them to serve in different arenas, etc.) But when you start to get to the end you can really see the benefits. You start to surface and you gain perspective on the process you have been in. I love this phase. That's what this weekend felt like to me. Surfacing and transformed.

Sure this is more to learn. Sure not every aspect of the syllabus is mastered. But wow, think about where we have come together! Think where you have come within yourself. Really, how inspiring.

So- for me, I am going to enjoy a few days home and "off duty" to catch up on some things. I have decided to let go of my classes on Tuesday evenings in Austin. Lori has a fabulous teacher in mind for that class. And The San Marcos School of Yoga will be closed for Summer Break after this session. So during the summer, I will only be teaching locally on Thursday afternoons and evenings at YogaYoga South. I do have some ideas cooking about some group practices so that we can keep our momentum up over the summer.

So this week, I am NOT teaching Tuesday night. I AM teaching on Wednesday in San Marcos. And I AM teaching on Thursday in Austin. Come and play.

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Lisa said...

All I can say is THANK YOU for your always awesome and inspiring instruction. This immersion has been completely transformational for my practice, and truly the best yoga experience in my 7.5 years of practice. It's funny, I have had more than twice as many Anusara hours in a workshop setting than in regular classes, and it has been such a great way to start learning the system. And I say start because I know that even though I have learned SO much in the last year, I'm still just a yoga baby! Thank you, too, to all the cool people in the kula...what a supportive, fun group! Love y'all. Namaste!