Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So I got into Tuscon late on Sunday night, rented a car and drove to the hotel where my friends were staying. My "friends" included Lee, my guru and a small entourage of his students. We met in the hotel lobby and spent all day Monday in Tucson at the Gem and Mineral Show. So many nice things- it is quite a scene. Mostly us devotees just tagged along behind Lee watching him shop and make deals with the different vendors. It was fun day and made even more delightful because my friend and fellow Anusara Yoga teacher, Darren Rhodes met up with us and spent the morning with our group. (He is coming for a Yoga Summer Camp weekend in San MArcos in August- Don't miss it. He is a great person, an awesome yogi, and an excellent teacher. He told me that he is actually going to be featured in Yoga Journal soon!! See all these famous people I am bringing into our midst!!)

So then Monday night we drove up from Prescott which is about 4 hours away to the ashram where I have been for a few days with no access to the internet. (My guru actually believes the internet is the anti-christ and so, well no internet onsite. ) I am enjoying being there and having a different rythm and focus for a while. I love what I do and the way I spendthe majority of my time but the truth is that periods of rest, reflection and change of scenery usually makes me more able to work effectively.

Yesterday I got to write and study most of the day. Then Lee cooked dinner for everyone and gave a talk that evening. He talked a lot about trusting the Universe and about the importance of self-observation. So that was inspiring. It is always a bit weird for me to be here. I was so involved in the daily life of the ashram when I lived here and now, while my inner life is still very active with the teachings I am not involved externally in the same way. One part of me always feels like I have never left, another part feels like I am very far away. Both can be true, I suppose.

After meditation this morning I had a light breakfast, practiced asana and then cooked lunch for the ashram residents. When I lived in Prescott I cooked on the ashram several times a week and so it was fun to be seving again in that way. Then I came into town for a cup of tea with my best friend Rakini who I have known since I Was a Prescott College student in 1989. So that was fun.

Tonight I am meeting my friend Allison for dinner. She was a mentor/fairy god-mother/friend/yoga student/ landlord of Prescott Yoga for many years. She is this amazing woman who offerred me so much support in my time in Prescott that much of what I am able to do in terms of teaching can be directly traced to her guidance, support and cheerleading. Plus she is smart, funny and thinks a lot like I do so we have the funnest time together. I cannot wait to see her.

I am at a Starbucks now catching up on some things before meeting her for dinner.

I am not really in the frame of mind to continue on with my most I started on Sunday so I will table that for another time.

Those of you who enjoyed Craig's presentation at the Immerison and wanted him to have a blog will be sad to know he flatly declined, saying "That will never happen." However, and this is the good news-- he did agree to make a weekly contribution on my blog! So how cool is that? A guest blogger here! So that will be fun.

All right- that is about it. Tomorrow I head down to Tucson- a boring 4 hour drive throught the desert. And then 10 days of yoga with John Friend. I think it is like 55 hours in 10 days or something tremendous like that.

I am staying at a friend of a friend's house down there and I am hoping that the internet thing will be easy. If it is, you will hear from me a lot. If not, well, not!

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Leanne said...

Thank God you wrote- I was about to send out a search team!

I agree with Lee the internet is way too addictive...must be the anti-christ. I am looking forward to regular posts during the time with Juan Amigo...I will be in Maui trying to keep my fingers together.

Chris and I will be studying with Nancy Gilgoff every morning. My lovely "jazz hands" completely perplex and frustrate the ashtangis :>)