Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Up to my Eyes

I have been up to my eyes in work this week since my return -- getting my book to my editor, preparing for the imersion, packing for my upcoming trip and looking ahead to the intensive up in BC at the end of March as well as researching some ideas that Michelle and I discussed. So I have not been writing on this blog with my usual diligence. And now I find myself a bit too tired to dive into a typical recap of the evening's fun.

One thing that just totally stands out for me about tonight was how nice it was to see my "usual folks" many of whom had read my blog and were just so supportive about the whole injury thing that happened in Corpus. It felt great to be back with "my peeps". The group in Corpus was awesome, I really loved meeting them all, so it is not that. I just had a feeling of "home base" sweep over me tonight in the 6:00 class. (Which, by the way, was another visit to the land of Maricyasana 4- the flavor of the month, so to speak.)

Well, they say the thing about writing is that once you start it often gets easier and so there you have it. I now feel up to the recap-

Monday night at the 5:30 class in San Marcos, we celebrated Bri's birthday with 23 sun salutations, followed by pinca, some standing psoes and urdhva danurasana. She even brought cupcakes (green tea and with pomegranateicing which I thought was very Martha Stewart.) Anyway- the group worked super hard, asked great questions and is defintely moving right a long. At one point I remarked that it is hard to believe that one year ago we started classes here with a beginning series and now most everyone in the group is pushing up to backbend. Very cool.

We worked a lot on cobra in the 7:00 class and on opening the upper back with some work on the chair which was crowd pleasing. (not.) We practiced halasana and took a brief foray into shoulderstand.

This afternoon in Austin we did a back bending flow practice at 4:30 and concluded with some pranayama in honor of the air element. And like I mentioned previously the 6:00 class was another visit to M-4. Alice, who was in last Thursday's class where we pracitced with a similiar sequence, remarked that she had already made progress from the last time. So that is inspiring. I have personally enjoyed having a pose to analyze and explore so the M-4 challenge is quite a lot of fun for me.

All right- so I will be gone for two weeks after this weekend. I have Wednesday night here, Thursday night in Austin, the Immersion in Austin and then I get on a plane and to spend two weeks in Arizona. I am going to visit Prescott and then spend 10 days in Ansuara Yoga land with Juan Amigo. Cannot wait-- First the three-day Advanced Intensive, then a 5-day Master Immersion and then a weekend workshop. Then home for two weeks and then away again for two weeks- Advnaced intensive with John in Costa Rica and then seven days of teaching up in BC.

So Kelly will teach my classes in San Marcos. The lovely Amanda Daly will be subbing my Tuesday 4:30 classes, Kim J. will sub the 6:00 and Anne will teach both classes both Thursdays so everything will be in good hands.


whatnot said...

Costa Rica?! Please tell me you are taking a camera.

... !!!

Dale said...

23 Sun Salutations? Oh oh, I turn 52 on Friday. . .

A Journey For Life said...

I heard the wonderful news today from Michelle about the possible training here in Corpus! I am so excited, by then I will no longer be pregnant and will be ready for intense yoga!! Thanks for coming to Corpus Christi! Jennie

Pamela said...

I LOVED the sequence from Tuesday night. RUSTY ROCKS! Seriously, I am so excited about this new investigation of M-4 ... I'm not even going to try to spell it. Give us more, give us more.

Have I mentioned that I HATE missing Thursday's 4:30 class? But, I really DO think this Anatomy class is enhancing my understanding and appreciation for "our way".

Peronially Yours (Or is that, Perennially Yours?!)