Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brief Check-in

A brief check in before hitting the road to Tucson. I was going to hang out in Preescott today and have dinner on the ashram and then head down but it has started to snow so I am a bit anxious to get out of the high elevation so I am oging to leave earlier.

Dinner last night with my friend Allison was fantastic. Do you know those people who you have not talked to in a long time but then can sit down and start as though no time has passed? Well, it was one of those dinners.

After that I went back to the ashram and hung out with the gang there for the evening. I said my good byes this morning which was a bit sad and then met my friend Rakini for a cup of tea and a brief email check in at Starbucks. So 28 messages later and a brief blog entry and then I am off.

Like I mentioned yesterday visiting here is a mixed bag for me. I actually do not miss being here at all while I am in Texas. I totally love my life in Texas. I find my students there awesome and interesting, and my work there to be consuming (in a good way). And in my travels I have the good fortune to visit people all over the country and into Canada and make relationships and friendships that nourish and uplift me. I am so in love with all that I am doing and getting to experience that I really never miss what I left in Prescott.

But when I am here these is so much a feeling of familiarity and home and history that I miss it once I am here. I have been involved in Prescott in some way since 1989 when I first came to college here so a lot of my life history is connected to this palce and the people here. Anyway- that is just what that is. Both happy and sad. I come back to teach in April and will probably extend my stay to visit a little. That is the plan at any rate.

Okay then- that is about it for now. John Friend and The Merry Band await at the Advanced Intensive. Time to Light the Sky!

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Lisa said...

Light it up! We miss you!!!!