Friday, February 8, 2008

Thursday Night, in brief

Double Dippers last night -- Mandy, Tabatha, Anne, Ari, Katherine, Kelly, Susan, Svetha, Mike and Susan. What fun!

At 4:30 we worked on Backbends. After lots of prepratory back bends like bhujangasana, ustrasana and danurasana we did four urdhva danurasana's and then worked on coming up to kneeling and then to standing and then dropping back. So many people are really close to doing this on their own- it is very exciting. It was a fun class with lots of the great energy that back bends and helping one another usually breeds.

At 6:00 we worked on hip openers toward lotus pose. Susan asked me for the sequence. This is one very simliar to what I taught last night that I have on file. Not exactly what I did last night but very close and this one saves me from typing one in this morning. Have at it.
Straight leg lunge (R,L) to uttanasana
Bent leg lunges with leg to floor to AMS
Bent leg lunge, twisted
Pigeon prep
Pigeon prep (Sternum over foot) to AMS
Gomukhasana (Wide feet)
Gomukhasana ( classic pose)
Janu sirsasana
Ardha matsyendrasana
Parsva uppavista konasana
Baddha konasana
Supta padangusthasana 2, prep
Supta padangusthasana 2
Baby cradle
Reclined baby cradle
Triang mukhaikapada pascimottanasana
Parsva sukhasana
Baradvajasana 2

So the main focus is Inner and Outer Spiral while maintaining muscular energy in the shins. Enjoy.

I have a lot to do today- I have my final Immersion preparations for this weekend, lots of business to stuff to square away before being gone, packing and getting organized around what work I am going to take with me to Tucson. I spent a lot of time last night pulling my different maps off of Mapquest and making sure that I have my plane ticket, my rental car info, my hotel arrangements all together. Usually when I travel I make a folder for the trip. (I think I got this from my Mom as I remember lots of these folders in her hands over the years.) So as soon as I make a plan to go somewhere I start a folder. Then as I get things like tickets and reservations for the trip, I just put them in said folder. Then a few days before I leave, I have to organize the folder, get my directions and so forth together and so Istarted that last night. Just one more set of directions I have to track down and a few phone numbers to put in there.

Anyway-I am making paneer today for a lovely feast this evening. I have a new recipe that I am going to try and Kelly is going to make naan. YUM.


Susan S. said...

Thanks for posting the sequence! I was in such a great mood after last night's class -- good motivation to do those big hip openers more often. Have a fantastic trip, and we'll see you when you get back!

Svetha said...

Yesterday I practiced some of the Thursday night series and you're right... virasana to gomukhasana (classic) and back to virasana was awesome, good, delicious, and fun!

Christina Sell said...

I know, it is crazy, isn't it?