Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy Days

The trip to the dentist was totally non traumatic. It was only a consultation. Thursday I go back for a longer visit to get going on the crown I am going to need. Hopefully, there will be a minimal amount of drilling.

I spend most of the day writing yesterday. Then Kelly and I walked the dogs before class. We had nice full classes last night. It was fun to see everyone again and fun to be teaching again after a two week break from it. We are working on the 20th verse of the Yoga Sutra. "Practice should be pursued with trust, confidence, vigor keen memory and focus..." So this week we are working with the theme of trust and faith- shradda. Shraddha is made up of two parts. The first part of the work "shra" means heart. "ddha" means to place. Faith, then, means to place one's heart. Our faith is really defined by where our heart is placed. Great theme.

The 5:30 class learned sirsasana for the first time, which went remarkably well. They also practiced eka hasta bhujasana, astavakrasana and learned the "wild thing" back bend variation. That class has come a long way. We had a really good time even though it was super hot in the room because mean Christina did not want the air conditioning on. But they are such good students they did not complain. Gotta love that- such discipline of the mouth.

The 7:00 class worked on some standing poses and also some seated forward bends. They made great progress in both. Their standing poses are quite solid now, which is great to see. Seeing how well everyone is doing in both classes really gives me faith in the method and in what regular practice over a long period of time can really yield. At one point I asked Kelly if he had worked with the Level 1 class on cobra a lot because their poses were so improved since I last taught them. Most excellent.

Okay- I have a busy day today- walk the dogs, write, practice asana, study and then teach. Wow. Have a great one wherever you are.


Meg said...

Hey there,

Smart Food hunh? Glad to hear the tooth is OK. I will keep my fingers crossed for not much drilling. We just went to the dentist today for M and for the 1st time ever her teeth look great, yippie! However she too may be a little scared of the dentist...

I have a cold, not much asana, got any more inspiration?
Hi to Kel.
Love you.

Christina Sell said...

Right- smart food is not so smart for me evidently.