Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So we worked more last night with shraddha and faith. To me, when we are discussing faith we are not looking to cultivate some kind of blind allegiance to dogma or doctrine but to develop a sense of faith and trust in ourselves, in our connection to Grace and to find that delicate balance of effort and surrender that is at the foundation of faith. When placing our hearts, when aligning ourselves through the practice of asana, we do need guidelines, methods and outside guidance. We will be lost without boundaries and lost if we are left solely to our own devices and ideas. (Like my teacher said long ago, "Do you really trust your ego so much that you think it alone can get you out of the mess that it put you in?)

And yet, the outside assistance is there to point us to the place of clarity and wisdom within ourselves. We have to trust our help to help us get to the place where we trust ourselves and where we are actually trustworthy. True faith can bear questions, can bear scrutiny, can bear moments of doubt and uncertainty along the way. When our heart is place optimally, then we are able to withstand the ups and downs that come our way in a life of practice.

It was so fun to be back in Austin teaching. Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome back. And thanks to my subs (Kimberly J. and Anne) who covered my classes and also to Kim S. who jumped in to cover the flow class when there was a communication snafu between the pre-arranged subs. Really, it takes a community to take a trip! I am lucky to be part of such a great community of practitioners. It is truly inspiring. In fact, it gives me a lot of faith!

Both classes were full and well attended and the everyone's attention was at an all time high. Just looking out at everyone listening and following instructions was so fabulous. Poses like cobra just kept growing, improving and getting more and more beautiful as the class went on. Both classes worked on back bends. Lisa was back at 4:30 so order has been restored to that universe. Susan, Mike and Susan all double-dipped so that was fun.

Got up early for a "Virtual Classroom" meeting with Carlos Pomeda. I am in his philosophy training course. I enjoyed the homework and the meeting although I am not so sure of the wisdom of the timing now that I have a new deadline on my book. (part of the reason we pushed the date up is to have the book ready by the September Yoga Journal Conference. The featured style for the pre-conference is Anusara Yoga and so we want to launch the book then.) So anyway, my plate is a bit full right now. I have a date for practice in an hour and need to get some writing done before that.

Signing off. Love.

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whatnot said...

have been thinking about trust quite a bit lately, but more in terms of hope. Then again, faith and hope have a lot in common, right? Two sides of the same coin, maybe? hm.

looking forward to class on Thursday. lovelovelove,