Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Day in Tucson

So it has been a while. Friday I left class to go up to Prescott for the night. A friend of mine there is very sick and so I went to visit him. He found out he had throat cancer and so I drove up there for the afternoon and evening to be with him. I got up early Saturday mroning to drive back down to Tucson for the weekend intensive.

I always try to stay for the weekend intensives following trainings like the Master Immersion because after all the talking and intellectual info downlaod that occcurs in trainings, I love to just move and there is no one better to be in an asana class with (in my opinion )than John Friend.

Yesterdays was no excpetion. We had a great backbend practice in the morning with lots of energy and some great nuggest of alignment. He helped me grab my ankles in chakra bandasana which was great and now I have some insight into how to really approach that pose more fully in the future. Chakra bandasna is from dwi pada cipartiat dandasana only you lift your head up off the floor, walk your feet into hands and clasp your ankles. Very deep. He gave some great teachings on the primary and secondary flows and in general it was just fun to be practicing asana and not analyzing the dharma.

I had lunch with a firend of mine down here and then we went into the afgternoon session for awesome forward bends and the deepes svasasna Ihave had the whole trip.

I went home, ate some soup and went to bed. I was pretty tired because I had hardly slept Friday night and then did all of that driving.

Today I will be in the morning session, then grab some lunch and then head to the airport and make my way home to the Great Republic of Texas. It has been a great trip for me. Quite potent on a lot of levels and clarifying as well. I am looking forwward to seeing everyone in classes this week back home. And believe it or not, we have the Immersion this weekend so that is going to be great also. It will be our last weekend of Part Two. Wow. Also Mom and Dad are coming for a brief visit and will arrive in one week. So many fun things.

All right- hopefully I will see many of you in the next two weeks bscasue after that I am gone for another two weeks. It will be fun to catch up with everyone.


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Lisa said...

The Republic of Texas eagerly awaits your return! I am wishing for a speedy recovery for your friend. Can't wait to see you.