Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Well, it seems like my time home is slipping away quickly. Kelly and I leave the  day after tomorrow for our trip to Tucson for the advanced intensive. I am really looking forward to that weekend- me and noah and Darren have been emailing and scheming about our approach and how we want to sequence the classes and share the teaching responsibilities. No doubt about it-we have great things planned. I am also really excited because me and  Kelly, Tracy and Noah, and Bronwin and Darren are all staying at Darren and Bronwin's house together.  I can just feel that it is going to be an awesome time of fellowship and good company both in and outside of the intensive.

I know I say it a lot- but the longer I go about this teaching business, the more I find the friendships with my colleagues to be one of the most wonderful parts of the whole endeavor. There is certainly a special bond that happens with my students and with my teachers along the way which I love and is its own wonderful blessing. However,  I find a unique and wonderful refuge in those friendships I have developed with my various hosts across the country and particularly with my teaching partners.

A few months back I had an jyotish astrological reading and she told me that my chart is very weighted toward "enlightened partnerships" which I thought was really interesting. She said theses partnerships were not romantic in nature but primarily work-related. (This makes sense to me since I am one of the least romantic people I know. Just ask Kelly and he would probably agree! I am practical and straightforward and like we discussed a few entries back, loving in my own way but not romantic and rarely sentimental which can actually be quite upsetting for many people when they encounter this in me, especially if they are romantic or sentimentally-oriented themselves. But I digress.)

So its not that I needed confirmation that such a thing as "enlightened partnerships" was present in my life- I didn't and I don't-- as I can look around and see it myself. But it is always fascinating to see the similarities between what an astrological chart says and what is actually happening in my world. And while something very amazing happens in the classroom when team teaching, there is also a deep and rich personal bond that occurs in the work of collaborating and creating something with someone else. I feel without a doubt that I am who I am today because of some of these partnerships I have cultivated over the last few years. Really, it is such a blessing.

And as the year ends and I look forward to the next year, I see lots of teamwork on the horizon which makes me very excited. It seems fitting that I would be kicking off the New Year in collaboration with Noah and Darren and nestled in the community of Yoga Oasis and with Anusara Yogi's from all over the country. I am really excited about it.

Well, off to shower, get some lunch with mom and dad and head out for a practice. I am teaching tomorrow at 9:30 and 6:00 at The Castle. I hope to see many of you there. I am here for the next 3 wednesdays and then I am gone for the following 5 wednesdays so please come to class while I am here--I want to see you!

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