Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Yesterday was a pretty full day all in all. 

 A fews back, Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis is Stage 0 which means that the tumor/irregular cells are not invasive at all (which is  the good news) and she is going to need a surgery to remove the lump and a course of radiation. Part of her treatment protocol involves meeting with a resource person to ask questions, get support and so forth. Anne and I took mom to that meeting yesterday morning. The meeting was, of course, informative, and in a lot of ways sobering.

Mom has the best kind of situation one can hope for in terms of cancer but it is still going to be a major thing for her to be dealing with this year. And cancer is scary. And right now, so much of the process and procedure is yet to be determined since it will depend a lot on the pathology reports she gets back following the lumpectomy so a lot is in the "wait and see" category. My family are notorious planners and so "not knowing" is not exactly easy for any of us. (Although philosophically, of course, even when we think we "know" something, chances are its not exactly as certain as we may think it is but that is another post for another time.)   

At any rate, I am really glad Mom and Dad are here in Texas and not in Georgia because  being part of the treatment, recovery and so forth is a lot easier with them down the road then it would be if they were across the country still.  I think we will be making up a website or blog where her progress can be followed for people who are interested.

After the meeting Anne, me, Mom, Dad, and Kelly had lunch at our house and then Kelly and I did some work around the house and made our way up to met Gia, Sam and Anne for a practice at the Castle. We had a nice time working with a great sequence that worked with twists interspersed in the back bend prep.

Here is yesterdays plan we worked from:
  • 10 minutes chair backbend
  • chair bharadvajasana (1 minute each side)
  • Chandra Namkaskar (10 minutes)
  • Urdhva Mukha Swanasana (1 minute)
  • parivritta trikonasana (1minute each side)
  • rope 1 -20X
  • bharadvajasana 1, on blanket, at wall, with rope (1 minute each side)
  • parayankasana over a block (5 minutes)
  • standing maricyasana- at wall,with a chair and rope
  • pinca variation with feet on wall, legs parallel to the floor
  • jathara parivarttonasana- straight legs- (1 minute each side)
  • ustrasana- legs apart- (1 minute)
  • ustrasana- feet and legs together- (1 minute)
  • maricyasana 1, twist only
  • danurasana (1 minute)
  • pasrva danurasana
  • twisted lunge
  • urdhva danurasana- lots
  • drop backs
  • dwi pada viparita dandasana- head down.
  • headstand dropovers
  • headstand tick tocks
  • scoprion prep on chair
  • scorpion pose
  • kapotasana- lots
  • AMS
  • uttanasana
  • hips stretches
  • legs up the wall
  • savasana

Scorpion went a lot better for me yesterday than kapotasana due to this prep having more work for the upper back than it did for the front groins. Here is one of my attempts. I think this was the second one away from the chair.  Good times.

After practice Kelly and I went on a date and did a little Christmas shopping which was fun. All in a ll it was a good day although it was not particularly sunny inside or out.

We have a practice today from 11-1 at Castle Hill. Come and join us if you can!


ron d hicks said...

It was sweet taking the Seniors class one day with your parents, Anne was teaching. I will be thinking of your mom and wishing her the best.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear your Mom has this battle to fight, but I am glad that she is surrounded by so much loving support. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.