Friday, December 3, 2010

Teacher Training Part 3

Well, we got off to a great start with Teacher Training today. I felt so happy looking around the room and seeing all the amazing students who have been part of my life for over 2 years now. Darren and i taught our first immersion together in Tucson in August 2008 and a lot of the people in the training today started with us way back then. of courses, many people came along and joined the fun in later groups. At any rate, here we are all, along with some folks who did Immersions in other places and a few folks who did Part One and Part Two Teacher Training in other places, diving into yet another week of fun and hard work together.

We spent the morning on introductions, reviewing theme development and practicing asana. We talked sequencing and verbal articulation skills in the afternoon. It was smooth first day with a lot review, clarifications and we had lots of time for personal questions which is always great.

I think for me the thing on my mind is how much people have changed through this process. I know I have. August 2008 was kind of low point in my own life. Kelly and I were going through a very hard time in our marriage, I was having to face a lot of difficult things inside myself and while a lot of things were also going well, I felt a bit removed from them- as though my life was kind of happening to someone else.

Anyway, for me the two and half years have brought amazing growth, empowerments and clarity. And what is cool is that my teaching work in Tucson, my friendship with Darren and my relationships with the students in our programs have been a source of constancy and support throughout some difficult soul searching and personal growth. I say it a lot but these trainings are real chambers for growth. All of us step into it together and while Darren and I accept the responsibility for guiding the process and holding the space, we are certainly in the process also. As immersion teachers, we are not in any way separate from what we are asking of our students. The process asks a lot of all of us and while it is not easy it is certainly worthwhile.

Okay. More tomorrow.

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