Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursdsay Night

What a wonderful few days. The Teacher Training in Tucson came to a wonderful and inspiring close on Wednesday. One of the final exercises we did was a round robin class where each trainee taught a pose in a full spectrum class. It was wonderful to see the fine teachers that people had become through the process of teacher training. So many people had found their unique voice and a confident vulnerability in their sharing of the yoga they love. I felt like a proud mother hen at many points as the students allowed themselves to step into the seat of the Teacher so fully. It really so rewarding to be part of the process of someone becoming a yoga teacher. I feel very blessed to be working with so many teachers these days.

This morning we started a Part One Teacher Training here in Los Angeles. And by "we" I mean me and Noah. I am really happy to be able to teach with two of my best friends so much these days. To me, Noah and Darren are my brothers-on-the-path and so not only do I have fun in the classroom when we team up together, but I get to learn a lot from each of them during the time we share and through the conversations we have while we are together. I feel fortunate to have such amazing friends to share my life with and also to work with. It is part of my work that makes me very happy.

Noah and I share a love of the outdoors, a passion for education and a love of ideas so it is super fun to team up on a Teacher Training together. We sent the morning on introductions, theme development, asana practice and talking bout looking for the good. We sent the afternoon exploring theme delivery, observation and verbal articulation skills. It was a full day. The other thing that is fun about teaching with Noah is that we are both educated at Prescott College, a school that emphasized experiential education. As much as both of us can articulate ideas and principles, we both believe in the power of experience to transmit the ideas effectively. So we are always refining ways to make the concepts central to teaching Anusara Yoga as experiential, direct and concise as possible.

It was a great day and I was aware all day of how different it is to teach teacher training to a group of folks that I didn't lead through an Immersion. Not better, not worse, just different. One thing though that is profoundly different that i noted is that when a teacher trainee who is not my immersion graduate doesn't know something from the immersion curriculum, I felt more patient with them then I did withy immersion grads! When my immersion grad doesn't remember something i am like "come on.... I know i told you that... Get with the program!" I think detachment is part of it and really, it made me see how much I ask of my long time students. (you guys rock, by the way!) Maybe this insight and experience will help me be more patient in the future! Maybe. Of course, maybe not.... Hmmm.....

Anyway, I so enjoyed meeting this group of people just one day after saying good bye to a group of people who have been part of my life for over two years and with whom I have really walked through some serious fire. I felt very open in my heart today after the deep work of last week and very in touch with my love of this path and my love for the art of teaching and the process of refinement it is to be a teacher.

We have a global group gathered from places as far as Australia, Ireland, and Thailand. It is pretty amazing to think how far the teachings of anusara yoga have spread in the last twelve years and how many wonderful people are drawn to this way of life. It certainly is good company that we keep.

Anyway- time for bed.

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